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How to make a fake Discord account?

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Many users signing up for Discord prefer to share minimum personal data. No one wants his personal information to be hacked and published on open access. But the problem is that this service for gamers has imposed obligatory verification. First, every user must link his email address to a new account. Besides, phone number verification is strictly recommended. More to the point, if a user bypasses this stage, the system demands him to link his number later in any case.

In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step guidelines on how to register fake Discord names without linking your real email and mobile number. For that, we offer you to use the service Sms-man. Here, you can buy a virtual number for SMS activation on Discord for $0,09 only. Besides, we can provide you with a disposable number for registration on any email service.

Our website is the best source of cheap disposable numbers for anonymous registration on any online platform. Our menu includes over 500 diversified websites and over 200 operators from different countries. All our numbers are provided for single use only. There is no risk that your virtual number will be offered to another client in the future or that it has been used for signing up for any platform before. Using our services is safe, cheap, and hassle-free.

How to get a fake Discord ID with the service Sms-man?

How to get a fake Discord ID with the service Sms-man?

  1. Open our home page and create your personal profile.

Register at to buy virtual numbers for fake Discord names

2. Look through the prices on the main page and make the corresponding deposit.

Make a deposit at to create fake Discord names

3. Buy a temporary number for your fake Discord login, but remember to choose a suitable country.

Buy a temporary number for your fake Discord login

4. Now, copy the number purchased.

Copy a temporary number for your fake Discord ID

5. Go to Discord and start your sign-up.

Register your fake Discord ID

6. Click on the button “Register”.

How to register fake Discord names

7. As you can see, the system will request you to enter your email address right away. Want to use a fake one instead? Then, read our guides on how to create anonymous profiles on Yahoo, Gmail, or other email services.

Fill in the form for a fake Discord login

8. The email confirmation procedure is standard – find the corresponding letter in your inbox and click on the link for activation.

Verify an email address for your fake Discord login

9. We also recommend you to link a mobile number to your fake Discord profile right away so that you do not have to turn back to this issue in the future – at the worst possible moment.

Add a number to your fake Discord profile

10. Type it in the form, which you can see in the photo below.

How to make a fake Discord account - use a disposable number for verification

11. Then, return to the tab “Request History”, receive the code, and enter it.

Verify a disposable number for your fake Discord login

12. The latest step is to confirm your action.

Confirm phone verification for your fake Discord login

Now, your profile is fully verified. However, if you get blocked over some time or just need another one for any purpose, be sure to turn to our store again. We will provide you with as many disposable numbers for fake accounts on Discord as you need.

Also, remember to look through the list of other virtual numbers available at our store (you can see it on the home page).

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