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How to sign up for doordash without phone number

doordash bypass

How do I get multiple promotions in doordash? How do I get promotions for new doordash users? Maybe you just don’t want to register on this service from your main phone number? Simply register a new account and you’ll have access to all the discounts, promotions, and promo codes for new users that will save you money. Today, almost all services require registration with confirmation by phone number. However, this is not a problem at all, in this article we will tell you how to sign up for doordash without phone number.

Is it possible to register in doordash without confirming the phone number?


Not technically. But this is not a problem at all, as there are number rental services for receiving sms. By doing so, you can register on almost any site without using your main phone number.

How to sign up for doordash without a phone number using our service
  1. ou need to create an account on our service
  2. Verify your account by following the link in the message sent to your email
  3. Top up your account by any convenient waypayment methods
  4. Go to the doordash website, enter all the data except the phone number (First Name, Last Name, email)
  5. Go back to the main page of the service, choose the country (for example USA) and the service doordash (if your country is not on the list – click Show all countries, the same for the service). Then in the search appear write doordash and click buy

Choose country

  1. Next, the system will automatically find you a number, which should be copied into the doordash registration field.
    Doordash registration
  2. When the site will ask for a code from the sms, you must click get sms in our service, under the number you will see the code, which you must paste in doordash to confirm the phone number.
  3. Done!
Can I register acccount on another site with sms-man?

yes! With our service you can get the number of almost any country to receive sms from any service.

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