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How to use virtual numbers to bypass OTP verification

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to enter your mobile number in order to create an account on a website or to get access to some content online? But you do not want to share your primary mobile number as they might spam by sending promotional or other SMS/calls.

This is where virtual mobile numbers come into play. Using virtual numbers, you can easily bypass OTP verification on any website/app. The best part about using a virtual number is that it will let you hide your personal number and get rid of spam.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a phone number or mobile number that you can use instead of your personal number. With this number, you will be able to do all sorts of OTP verifications that you might want to do while registering an account on various websites or applications.

sms-man website

You can use the virtual number on any website or apps. The method given below will easily work on apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. If you want to use the number on an app but don’t have a smartphone lying around, then you may use the app via an online android emulator and then use the virtual number to bypass OTP. Either way, both will work.

How to get a virtual number to bypass OTP?

Now you might be wondering where to get a virtual phone number from? It’s too easy to get a new number.

Just follow the steps given below and grab your own virtual number to use for phone number verification anywhere on the internet.

1. Visit This is the website that we are going to use in order to get a virtual number.

2. As soon as you visit the website, it will ask you to select a country. You can get numbers based on any country like the USA, UK, India, Brazil, etc.

website to bypass OTP

For example, if I want a USA based mobile number for verification then I can search for the USA and select the same.

3. Next, you need to select the service for which you are going to use the number. You can pick any option like Telegram, Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

A few of the famous services supported by SMS-Man are:

  • Google;
  • Netflix;
  • Instagram;
  • Tinder;
  • Discord;
  • TikTok;
  • And more.

4. Once selected, click on the Buy button next to it.

5. Now you need to register on SMS Man.

register at SMS-man

6. Once registered, complete the purchase and your new number is all good to go.

Just use the number you got from SMS Man anywhere to register for a new account or bypass OTP verification.

It will work with not just websites but also mobile apps. You can use it on apps like TikTok, Instagram, etc.

This is how easy it is to bypass OTP verification by using virtual mobile numbers. The best part of using SMS Man is that the website contains mobile numbers from over 358 countries. This means you will find numbers from pretty much all countries out there.
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