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How to create Blizzard account without mobile number


Do you want to create blizzard account but don’t have a phone number to confirm your registration? Or do you already have an account, but for some reason you need to create a second one and don’t have a phone number available? In this article we will learn in detail how to create a battle net account (blizzard) without a phone number.

SMS verification services

Blizzard as well as most social networks, services and platforms ask for phone verification. Usually you just get an SMS with a verification code to be entered when you sign up. Unfortunately, there is no way around this system, but there is still a simple way – use SMS verification services. These services provide access to their SIM cards to receive SMS or rent a number. It’s easy and simple, you just have to register on such service and pay about 15 cents for 1 sms (that will be enough for successful registration).

How does it work?

Such services have a large number of SIM-cards, which are connected to the network and automatically send sms to users of the service.

  1. You register your account (for example Telegram), at the final step you are asked to enter your phone number
  2. You go to the sms verification service, select the country of the number and the service you need (in this case, Telegram)
  3. The service automatically gives you a phone number to register with. You will need to enter it when you register Telegram
  4. Telegram will then ask you for a confirmation code from an sms. Go back and press the ‘Get sms’ button – it will give you the code
  5. Enter this code in Telegram
  6. Done!

You can use our sms-verification service and experience how easy and convenient it is.

If you need detailed instructions with screenshots you can find it by clicking on this link – detailed instructions.

Steam, social networks and other platforms

On our service you can also create account for other platforms, such as steam, origin, viber, What’s up etc. Full list of all available services you can find on our site. (Don’t forget to register first and choose the country of the desired number).

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