Site instructions

How do I register on the site?
In the upper right corner there is a sign up button, click and register.
How do I top up my balance?
After authorization, click on the Payment button in the menu and select the appropriate payment method.
Let's look at how to work in the service using the example of registering an account in the Telegram messenger. How do I get a number?
Now that you have registered and topped up your balance, let's get the number to which you will register your account. On the main page, select the desired service and country.
Click BUY to reserve the number.
Number received, what's next?
After clicking on the BUY button, the purchased number will be displayed in the top menu with the history of your requests. You can also find all your purchased numbers there. The first number in History is the last number purchased.
Now you need to enter the phone number you received in the selected service (in this case, Telegram) and click the CONTINUE button.
Go back to the Home page and click the Get SMS button. If the number cannot be used in this service or you have changed your mind about registering an account, then click the Reject button.

When the code is received, the service will issue it in the text SMS field.

Now you need to enter the received code from the SMS in to Telegram confirmation field and press CONTINUE button.
Congratulations! This completes the registration process.

Rent a virtual number on

Now you have the opportunity to rent a virtual number. By renting a virtual number, you will be able to receive an unlimited number of SMS to the rented number in the full rent time.

Renting a virtual number will expand the scope of your possibilities :
— Register as many social media accounts as you need;
— Use virtual numbers to maintain anonymity in messengers;
— Register on forums, exchanges, trading platforms, online services without fear of spreading your number outside the sites;
— It is not terrible to lose or block the SIM card, all accounts will be linked to the virtual number.

How to rent a virtual number on sms-man?

To rent a virtual number, you need to go to the tab «Rent», set rent time and select country, rented number will be in tab «Rent history», where you can view the received sms or complete rent at any time.

With the advent of the rent, you can once and for all forget about the problems with restoring access to the registered account.
Like all other numbers, the rented number is only in one hand and you can not worry that someone will reuse your previously rented virtual number.
The minimum rental period is 1 hour and the maximum is a 1 month.

— If during the first 20 minutes you have not received an SMS with a code, you can refuse the number, the money will be returned to your account in full.
— If you have not received a text message and more than 20 minutes have passed, you will not be able to cancel the rental.

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