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How to fix Instagram action blocked 2022

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The growing popularity of the Instagram social network is accompanied by various problems associated with massive fraud of subscribers, likes, spam advertising mailings and other suspicious activity. To identify violations, developers resort to the help of new algorithms that can also affect “white” accounts. Instagram sending notifications like “The action is blocked. Try again later” or “Try again later. To protect our community, we are restricting some actions.” Further in the text, the causes of such problems will be considered, as well as ways to solve them. In this article we help you to fix action blocked instagram.

Why instagram blocked me

The social network Instagram has penalties for various violations. The most common of these is the “time limit,” which is imposed when the limits on likes, subscriptions, posts, comments, and conversations are exceeded. You can easily determine the reason for the restriction. For example, if the limit for likes is violated, a warning will appear if you try to like it later. Limits on certain actions depend on the age and history of the account. At the moment, there are such limits:

For example, for new accounts (up to three months):

  • up to 500 likes per day (no more than 20 per hour);
  • up to 150 comments per day;
  • no more than 175 unsubscriptions or subscriptions per day.

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