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How to unblock paytm bank account in 2022

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Paytm, the flagship brand of One97 Communications, is a pioneer in online payments in India and is the largest marketplace and mobile commerce platform in the country. Paytm promises a seamless and convenient shopping experience for its customers across the country. Inspired and driven by a commitment to a great user experience, Paytm offers card deposits, mobile payments or utility payments. Along with incredible online recharge and shopping services, is a leading provider of payment solutions for e-commerce merchants. PaytmWallet lets you transfer money, make smart purchases on our merchants’ sites, and conduct amazing transactions. And if your account gets blocked the question arises how to unblock paytm account?

For what reasons paytm account blocked?

  • Because you use multiple Paytm accounts from the same mobile Devices
  • Making a daily new account on Paytm using the same mobile or same internet connection.
  • You do something wrong and someone complains about your wrong thing to Paytm.
  • Using the Same Debit or Credit Card In Multiple Accounts.
  • Adding or Trying to add money Using Scripts.
  • Doing some against Paytm terms & Conditions.

Any of the above could be the reason your Paytm account is blocked. You can follow these steps to easily unblock your Paytm account.

Example block text

In case you don’t have money in your blocked account or haven’t done a full KYC Paytm, I recommend you create a new Paytm account with numbers and other email.

How to unblock paytm bank account

The most reliable way is to contact support. To do this, you need to log in to the application, as it is not possible on your computer.

Web text about help in PayTM

In order to contact the support service from your phone to start you need to download the application PayTM on your device, which can be done both for android and iOS devices.

  1. First of all, go to the Paytm app.
  2. Click on the “Help 24×7” section and select “Contact 24×7 Help”.
    24X7 Help & Support
    Contact 24x7 Help
  3. Select “Message Us” or call.
    Call and Message
  4. Then write your issue with them.
  5. They will reply and tell you issue of why they have blocked your account.

You can also contact them via social networks and email




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