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Earn money on Google Play in 2023

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Nowadays, the search query “Earn on Google Play” is more relevant than ever! In 2023 the Android mobile apps market is so big and diverse that it’s not just for Google ecosystem owners and programmers but also for those who promote software products. Needless to say, if it’s possible to make money on mobile apps without Google Play, then all the more so.

Thinking about how to make money in the field of software products for the phone, but do not know where to start? Today we’re going to find out how this ranking system for Android apps works, whether you can make extra or basic money with Google Play without investing, and how much you can earn here.

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Earn money on Google Play: hierarchy of applications

To understand the basis of earnings on Google Play, you need to understand how the hierarchical ladder of android applications is arranged. It’s not complicated – there are several objective indicators used by the service to determine the order in which the products are awarded to the user:

  1. Product rating – the higher the rating, the higher the position;
  2. Product reviews – attracts/discourages new users and serves as an indicator of demand;
  3. Number of downloads – the most important parameter to determine a product’s position in search results, a high number of downloads ensures better promotion of the product.

Google Play Apps for Money: Characteristics
Приложения Гугл Плей для заработка

It is customary in the Google ecosystem to compile a variety of top apps. To be more precise, all Google Play actually consists of such TOPs. The principles of their construction vary from country to country. They are commonly classified according to the following criteria:

  • category;
  • update;
  • recommendations;
  • paid/free.

Other countries may have their own classification criteria for apps. This is how Google fights the formation of monopolies so that as many developers as possible can get their piece of the pie.

The most important attribute of an app’s ranking is the presence/absence of charges for its use. If you want to enter the Android mobile app market quickly, we suggest that you charge a small fee for your first product and get into the category of new paid apps. If your app has any value to users, you will get relatively easy promotion, good traffic and some income.

How do I start making money with Google Play?

Заработок на Гугл Плей с чего начать

Sign up for the service and create your first app. After that, you need to upload it to google-market, develop and implement the concept of promoting the product and start monetizing it. There are three main ways to generate income from apps:

  1. Launch a free app on Google Play and earn only from internal advertising;
  2. Set a fee for using the app;
  3. Add paid features to the free app.

You don’t have to develop Android apps yourself. You can hire programmers for this purpose. To get the most out of your investment, you can use a basic piece of software once developed, and add new content such as recipes, games, literature, tutorials, and anything else that would be in high demand.

How much can I earn from Google Play?

Сколько можно заработать Google Play?

To get an idea of the earnings from the promotion of mobile software, let’s take a typical Android app (according to Google) with the following monetization parameters:

  • Cost per unique click on an ad banner – $0.0005;
  • Clicks per month – 1000000;

By simple arithmetic calculation determine the monthly income from advertising in $500. But it is not so easy to reach such figures. These figures are typical for applications with hundreds of thousands of downloads per month.

For apps with more modest popularity figures, the cost per click will also be lower. If your app does not bring in at least $2 per week, feel free to give it up and switch to promoting other products. After all, your users may not pay attention to banners at all for a variety of reasons. Or they may have installed applications that block ads.

Either way, it is possible to achieve acceptable returns on your products, but it will take a lot of work. Set a goal and work hard to achieve it.

More and more new users are joining the world’s largest mobile product service every day. While the market is not yet saturated, there are still many opportunities for developers and marketers alike to make money with Google Play. Find

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