ICQ sign up without phone number or with fake phone
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How to register ICQ without phone number?

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ICQ is a messenger that enjoyed huge popularity a decade ago. Afterward, it got forgotten since many other more innovative services entered the market. But now it is back – fully-featured and updated. The new version has everything one expects from a messenger – high-quality video communication, audio messages, group video calls with up to 30 participants, smart replies, and other goodies. Also, its developers promise that it will operate smoothly even in case of a slow or bad connection. They market it as a service for those, who want to stay connected to dear people 24/7 in any conditions. So, if you do not have an account on this platform, it is high time to create it.

Like most other messengers, this one requires registration via a phone number. Do you want to know how to use ICQ without phone number and preserve your privacy? Then, we have good news for you. There is no need to put your privacy at risk. On Sms-man, you can buy a fake number for ICQ for around $0,10. You can safely use it for signing up without worrying about any problems with the administration of the source. It works like a usual SIM card, but is provided for temporal use only. To learn more, read our step-by-step guide below.

How to create ICQ without phone number?

How to create a profile on ICQ without phone number?

  1. Go to https://www.icq.com/ and install the app on device. As of now, this service is available for all operating systems.

Download ICQ

2. The next step is to start the program. You will be asked to specify your mobile number right away.

ICQ sign up without phone number - fill in the welcome form

3. So, go to our main page and make an account.

Make a personal account at sms-man.com

4. Then, choose a convenient payment method and make a deposit.

Make a payment to buy a virtual number for ICQ sign up without phone number

5. Now, go to our home page and choose the necessary service from the list. Press “Buy” to get the number. There is a search bar for your convenience.

Buy a fake number for ICQ sign up without phone number

6. You can copy your temporary number on the page “Request History”.

Copy your temporary number for ICQ sign up without phone number

7. Paste in into the welcome form on ICQ.

8. Then, the system will send you an activation code via SMS.

Pass SMS verification on ICQ without phone number

9. You can receive it on the same page “Request History”. The code will appear at once after you press “Get SMS”.

Get a code for registration on ICQ without phone number

10. Paste it into the window on the messenger, read their license agreement and privacy policy, and press “Next”.

In fact, you have already got an account. But the system will also prompt you to fill in the form with some basic information to finish your ICQ sign up without phone number.

As you can see, using our SMS activation service is extremely easy. So, be sure to turn to us again, when you need to pass registration on any other online platform. We offer cheap virtual numbers for more than 500 varied sources, including Twitter, Instagram, Viber.

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