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How to Register an Imo Account without a Phone Number

Register an Imo Account without a Phone Number

What is Imo? Imo is an online messenger created in 2007 by PageBites. Imo’s goal is to offer audio and videocalls, messaging, and similar functions. It was one of the earliest messengers, but over time giants like Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp eclipsed its popularity. Despite this, Imo has more than 200 million active users, and this is easy to explain. It is a simple, reliable messaging application with all the features and many benefits you need.

Registering an account is simple, only requiring a working phone number that receives SMS. But if anyone has difficulties, we will describe the registration process in more detail further in our article.

How to Register an Imo Account without a Phone Number

Advantages & Disadvantages of Imo App

Imo isn’t inferior to alternative messengers, despite the relative obscurity. It has a core of usual features for such apps, and they’ve worked them into very pleasant elements. Imo does its job with high efficiency, and the developer is trustworthy enough, unlike Meta. So, what is messenger in terms of functionality?

The main upsides of the Imo app include:

  • Great encryption and privacy protection;
  • Steady connection during audiocalls and videocalls;
  • A large number of emojis;
  • Available for free on all main systems.

There are several downsides, too:

  • Fewer users compared to alternative apps;
  • Relatively lower rate of updates.

So, what is Imo really? Imo is a relevant replacement to apps like Viber, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, which broke customer trust by neglecting user privacy in the past. Imo is comparably safer in this aspect. The app is a solid choice for security reasons and user comfort.

Registration process in the IMO messenger

To start the Imo registration process, users must download the application. It’s available for mobile and PC use, but not in a browser-based form. The operating systems supported by Imo include Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Lite, HD, and Beta versions are available to download.

After downloading, users can sign in or register. The registration process is modified to be simple: the only major detail a user needs to share is personal phone number. It’s used to verify the account and for later authorization. It’s quick and simple, but potentially uncomfortable for users concerned with online security.

download Imo

But do you need a phone number for Imo account? You don’t need a phone number to use the app. It’s largely used for verification, authorization, and security procedures. You may also need it to import contacts from the corresponding SIM card. This may save some time, but not significantly. Other than this function, the phone number is not used in Imo.

Using a virtual phone number not tied to your everyday life is a right choice if you value privacy. Chances are, Imo won’t use this information for gain, but it’s a nice principle to not risk it with other big companies and apps. Buying a virtual number is the best method to protect yourself online. It can also be used to register in other messengers, such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

How to create an Imo account with a virtual number

Now that the answer to the question “What is Imo?” has been answered, let’s find out what are virtual numbers. Virtual numbers are an online service created to provide a convenient, backup alternative to SIM cards. SMS-man is a service that can provide such phone number to receive SMS for verification and authorization on various platforms on the Internet.

The principle of verifying new users through personal phone messages by receiving SMS is very common. Therefore, buying a disposable virtual number for this purpose seems ideal. Buying a virtual analogue is a matter of a few moments, unlike conventional SIM cards.

Virtual number for imo

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use Imo with a virtual number:

  1. Register and log in to your account to use the services;
  2. Go to the “Top Up My Balance” page from the menu on the left and deposit money into your account;
  3. Then select your country and the Imo service to purchase a disposable virtual number, perfect for getting a verification SMS;
  4. Click the “Buy” button next to your chosen service to add the phone number to your personal account;
  5. On the home page in the “Request History” section, find your purchased virtual number and use it to create an IMO account;
  6. When messenger sends you a verification code, go back to the SMS-man site and click “Get SMS” opposite the number you are using;
  7. Use the verification code you receive to complete your messenger registration.

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