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Possible ways to use WhatsApp without a phone number

use WhatsApp without phone number

WhatsApp is the most popular social networking service right now. There are millions of those who just cannot do without it. However, recently there were many reports about it suffering from data leaks and hacks. Due to this, some people began to use WhatsApp without phone number. That is pretty fair and understandable. Our personal numbers are the main thing we share with this app during. So getting them to end up in hands of fraudsters is the most dangerous thing that could happen. Below we will tell how to deal with this issue in all possible ways.

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How can anyone use WhatsApp without phone number?

Operating this app without a number is nothing that someone cannot perform. Sometimes, due to different reasons, it might be impossible to use a personal mobile number for this. So there appeared virtual phone numbers. This development allows users to create WhatsApp account without phone from anywhere in the world not even having a smartphone.

Moreover, using them is the only effective option to bypass verification on this app. Completing it is a mandatory part of registration as in the case of other social networking services. If there is no way to perform that action with a regular number, then virtual numbers are the way to go.

Using virtual numbers of different kinds

Managing virtual phone numbers is not difficult. But there are a few types of them which should be definitely taken into consideration when doing this. Virtual numbers of each type have different parameters and offer either fewer or more opportunities. In this regard, we will take a detailed look at how to use WhatsApp without phone number with each of them.

Disposable number

Its name speaks for itself. Such a number can be used to get a verification code only once. After that, it becomes unavailable for usage no matter the situation. It might be not convenient in some cases, however, it has been the most popular choice among users for many years in a row. The reasons are that disposable phone numbers are pretty cheap and enough to perform single registration. Here is how to use it to register on WhatsApp:

1. Make an account at sms-man.com. There are options to do it with either an email address or profile on a bunch of social networks so it is less likely cause any difficulties.

2. Find on website recharge tab and proceed to it. There are a few payment methods available. Stick with one of them and refill your balance with some funds to purchase a disposable number.

3. Now it’s time to choose settings for our number. It can be done on the homepage. There are just two things to choose from. The first one is its issuing country and another one is an online service to register with which in our case is WhatsApp.

4. Hit the buy button to get a disposable phone number. It will automatically pop up at top of the main page as well as in your personal profile on the platform.

5. Copy the received number and put it on the registration form when registering on WhatsApp. It is basically the same as a regular phone number so it is treated in the same way.

6. Switch back to SMS-Man. There, right next to your disposable number, will be the button “Get SMS”. Click it to reveal a verification code that should contain six digits.

7. Copy and paste arrived code on the registration form. It will make the account verified. Everything that is left now is to enter some additional basic information and start using WhatsApp.

So here is an answer to whether can you use WhatsApp without a phone number or not. Having no personal number available doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do about it. However, it was just about how to do this with a disposable phone number while there are also two more ways to go.

Temporary number

This solution is different from the previous one only at one point. It is possible to use it more than once. Basically, it’s all about time not the number of activations. You just rent a temporary phone number for a fixed period of time and use it as many times as necessary during rent time. It might be really useful when there could appear a need to transfer the registered account between devices and thereby constantly receive verification codes with the same number or switch between accounts on the same device. Such a number for using WhatsApp without phone can be acquired on our appropriate rent page with a pretty wide choice of issuing countries.

Free virtual number

The last option is free virtual phone numbers. You can use them through our channel on Telegram. It might be a useful solution if it is not possible to get paid number. But we wouldn’t recommend using it for WhatsApp. Numbers of this kind are public and can be used for the same purpose by anyone else. So there is always a risk of not only someone getting access to your account but also stealing it. Free numbers are not private and secure at all. However, if there is no other option, it is still the way to go. Just don’t forget to set up 2FA for the registered account as it will add more security to it.

Turn on the VPN when sign up for WhatsApp without a phone number

WhatsApp pays big attention to any suspicious activity. If someone uses virtual numbers from other countries to sign up for it, it might detect it and don’t send a verification code. Because of this, it is necessary to enable VPN when doing registration on this app. Your IP should match issuing country of a virtual phone number. So don’t forget to connect to the required server with appropriate software when trying to use WhatsApp without phone number. Most often having these parameters don’t match is the main and most common reason for not being able to obtain a verification code.

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