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How to recover deleted Instagram messages on iPhone and Android

recover deleted Instagram messages

The need to recover deleted Instagram messages is a pretty common occurrence among internet users. There are many of those who inadvertently or purposefully delete their chats and then for some reason would like to restore those chats. That might become necessary if they were with close friends or family, included important information, or due to one of the multiple other reasons. In this article, we will explain all possible ways to do that.

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Can you recover deleted Instagram messages?

Before trying to find a solution to the issue many users wonder if it is even possible to do. There is nothing surprising about that. Instagram is not an offline app but an online service. This means that instead of the mobile phones of users all their data is saved on servers of the platform. In the case of most online websites and apps on the web, restoring it is difficult or impossible. However, this is not relevant to Instagram.

There is an official option to recover Instagram messages after deleting them. It is available for use on every modern device, including mobile phones based on both Android and iOS operating systems as well as personal computers, laptops, and others. Moreover, compared to special third-party apps for recovery, this feature is completely private and confidential. You don’t have to worry about your chats being read by someone else. There are also no difficulties with using it. Just follow our detailed guide below.

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How to recover deleted Instagram messages on a mobile phone?

A few years ago Instagram provided users with the option to restore their chats with the official tool. That is the most simple and effective option at the moment. It allows restoring not only chats but basically any information related to a certain account, not to mention that since it is an official tool there is no risk of data leakage. You can use this feature via both the mobile app and the web version of the social network. Here is how to recover deleted Instagram messages with it using a mobile application as that is the most popular request:

1. Open the app and proceed to the profile page.

2. Click on the three bars in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Choose “Your activity”.

4. Scroll the opened page to the end and select “Download your information”.

5. Request a download of messages related to the selected account.

It will take some time to collect and compile the requested information into a file in the selected format and thereby recover deleted Instagram messages. There is no need to regularly check on this though. You will be notified via email address bound to your profile once everything is done. Just keep in mind that for security purposes downloading the requested file is possible only for 4 days after receiving it. If the file was not downloaded during this time, it will expire leading to the need to request another file.

How to recover Instagram messages on a PC?

Using this recovery feature on a PC goes in nearly the same way. To do this, open the official website of the platform with a web browser and proceed to the “Your activity” page from the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of the home page. Then choose the format of the data file, enter the password to confirm it is you, and submit a request. Like in the case when trying to restore messages through a mobile app, getting the requested file will take some time depending on how much information needs to be recovered.

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