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How to buy virtual number for Viber for $0,08

virtual number viber

Among all the messengers available on the Web today, Viber keeps one of the most influential positions. More than 1 billion people from different corners of the globe choose it for staying in touch with their family, friends, and colleagues.

This platform allows making audio and video calls on the Internet, as well as enjoying group video calls. More to the point, its users can even call phone numbers that are not registered on the messenger. In addition, like any other similar app, it offers texting, as well as sharing photos, videos, stickers. Besides, there is a large collection of exciting games.

As for its disadvantages, one should mention obligatory phone verification. Sure, like in the case of any other online service, disclosing your phone number there is quite risky. Today, varied websites are often attacked by hackers who strive to get access to user bases in the first place. To protect their personal data, many people buy extra SIM cards for passing SMS verification.

But, as you know, SIM cards are quite expensive, so it seems impractical to spend such a significant sum of money for receiving one message only.

That is why we would like to offer you to buy Viber number from $0,08 on the source Sms-man. Our disposable numbers are intended for receiving messages with a code for SMS verification. They allow passing registration on any website without any privacy risks and at the cheapest price. Our source works in an automated mode so you can use it at any time, which is convenient for you. Also, we should note that our platform is highly intuitive, and you are will not experience any difficulties even if you have never used such virtual numbers before. Keep reading to learn more about that.

How to get Viber number from Sms-man?

How to buy virtual number Viber number from our store?

  1. Enter your email address to register.

2. Send a deposit for a Viber number buy.

3. Choose a suitable Viber temporary number on our main page.

4. Copy the Viber text number from your online cabinet.

2. Open the messenger and enter the Viber verification number, which you have purchased from our source.

Use a Viber verification number for registration

3. Go back to the “Request History” page and receive an activation code.

Receive an activation code to a Viber temporary number

4. Then, paste the code into the form, which is depicted below, and get acquainted with the rules of the platform. That’s all, you can make your first call right away.

Verify your Viber temporary number

We would also like to highlight that, in addition to this messenger, we offer cheap verification services for WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, and more than 500 other platforms. Do not miss such an advantageous chance to register on the websites needed without extra inconveniences and risks.

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