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Creating multiple Freelancer accounts with a virtual phone number

Freelancer registration

Freelancer is a popular online service that allows people to find remote jobs. Right now its audience is presented by more than 55 million potential employers from almost everywhere in the world. There are many offers for copywriters, designers, data scientists, software developers, and other specialists. That is a great choice for those who want to start working remotely. However, a basic account on this platform allows submitting only three job requests per day. To submit more, users have to upgrade their profiles to premium which costs money. This is the reason why some users would like to know how to complete Freelancer registration multiple times and create additional accounts.

Doing this is not as simple as it could seem. It is necessary to provide and confirm different mobile phone numbers when creating each profile. Using the same phone number for the registration of multiple accounts is not allowed but we know how to deal with this requirement.

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Obtain a virtual phone number for Freelancer

The first solution that comes to mind of users who want to register several profiles is to use the mobile numbers of friends or relatives. It might work. Not every person has such an opportunity though. Not saying that at a certain point, there will be no free phone numbers left. But it is not necessary to begin purchasing SIM cards after this. You can take advantage of a much better solution in form of virtual phone numbers for Freelancer phone number verification.

Numbers of this kind are way cheaper and allow the creation of literally unlimited accounts as there are no limitations on how many of them everyone can utilize. It is a great tool for those who cannot operate the mobile phone numbers of their friends and relatives as well as those who already did that and got stuck having no more phone numbers available for use. Taking advantage of one such number will cost you only about $0.30. In fact, it is a real mobile phone number so there are no issues with using it for registration as it works in the same way.

Freelancer registration using a virtual number

Virtual phone number is not only very effective but also easy to use feature. You will need not more than five minutes to utilize it. To say more, this is possible to do without any special skills and instructions as it is one of those technological tools that are designed to be for everyone. However, we will provide relevant instructions just in case. So here is a guide on how to create Freelancer account with the help of a virtual number:

1. Sign up for a profile on the website.

2. Use one of provided payment methods to add money to your account. There are numerous options to choose from including bank transfer through MasterCard/VISA, Payeer, QIWI, AdvCash, and others.

3. Choose the country of origin for the virtual phone number by selecting an appropriate location on the main page.

4. Search for Freelancer on the tab with services using the search feature.

5. Press the purchase button.

Your virtual number suitable for Freelancer create new account procedure will automatically pop up at the top of the homepage. It is completely prepared for registration and validating identity on one of the most well-known online services for freelancers worldwide. To perform this, use that number for the intended purpose and then press the “Get SMS” button on SMS-Man. You will see a verification code that contains a few digits. Copy or enter this code manually on the registration form to finish the task.

How to complete Freelance registration multiple times?

It was the main question of the topic. The answer, however, is obvious and simple. You are free to use as many virtual mobile phone numbers as necessary. It is only necessary to get a new virtual number for each registration as there is no possibility of verifying the profile with the same number. Don’t forget to use VPN though. Signing up for multiple accounts is sort of suspicious activity so it might result in certain restrictions or even blockage of registered accounts. You should change your IP address every time there when creating a new profile.
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