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How to delete or disable Kakao Talk account

How to delete or disable Kakao Talk account

Tired of being in messengers? Today we’ll tell you how to delete your Kakao Talk account & how to register a new one without a mobile number.

How to delete Kakao account?

Let’s look at this question step by step. First, decide for how long you want to cancel your account. Is this a temporary measure or a fully informed decision?

If you understand that you want to temporarily cancel your account, then

You can simply delete the app from your mobile device. That way it won’t flicker in front of your eyes and you won’t have to deal with officially deleting your account. In case you still want to use your personal account. Then you will have to use your old username and password. In case you forget your login data, you can use the data recovery service from the technical support of the application or service.

If you understand that you want to quit the application completely and delete your account, then

You need to do a few things in your personal account. Specifically, in the personal account settings of the application.

  1. Sign in to your Kakao Talk account
    If you can’t log in because you’ve lost your password, use the data recovery function through the app’s technical support.
  2. Log in to your personal account settings
    Find the line where it says to delete your personal account. Click on it.
  3. Then you need to confirm your actions
    Specify that you’re not a robot and check the agreement to delete your personal account without restoring.
    This item means that if you want to come back to the platform, you will have to create a new account with a new username and password. All of your old data and records will be invalid.

If you have any questions or problems deleting your old Kakao Talk account or registering a new one, feel free to post your questions and comments.

How to delete kakao account and register 10 new ones in my own name?

In fact, it’s impossible to have more than one registered account in your mobile number or email. Your new accounts with the old usernames and passwords simply will not pass moderation at registration. But SMS MAN knows how you can officially get around this situation by letting you manage as many accounts as you want.

To register, you do indeed need new mobile numbers. This is where SMS MAN comes in handy – by giving you an unlimited supply of virtual numbers. Yes, you can’t register accounts on one personal number, but! You can have an unlimited number of numbers, and therefore the number of accounts, too.

At SMS MAN you can buy numbers for temporary use or long-term use. This means that you can buy a number only for registration in the service you need, or you can use a number rental for a day, two days, a month, and so on. You can determine the period you need to rent a room yourself on the site using the slider.

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SMS MAN is a service for buying and selling virtual mobile numbers in all countries and states. If you have any questions regarding purchasing a virtual number, feel free to contact the technical support service.

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