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Taobao: registration without phone number in 2022

Taobao: registration without phone number in 2022

Taobao sign up in Russia is real! Use a virtual mobile phone number of another country. Learn how to do this in a new article from SMS MAN.

Is Taobao sign up legal in Russia?

In today’s politically difficult times, you cannot be one hundred percent sure that you are not breaking the law when registering on a foreign site. Likewise, not all Russian Internet users feel free to register a Taobao account using their mobile phone number.

In fact, you can rest easy. You will not break the law when registering on a foreign site if this registration is available to you. Taobao does not forbid Russian users to visit their site and see what it is filled with. This means that the registration of new accounts with Russian mobile numbers is also allowed and is not punishable by law.

How to access Taobao account if the site does not open?

At the legislative level, registrations on sites that can be accessed by bypassing the computer’s security system or changing the geolocation of your device are prohibited. You can use a VPN connection to change geolocation.

VPN is a program that allows you to change the location settings of your device from which you access the Internet.

The use of VPN does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. However, you must understand that viewing prohibited sites and registering new accounts there are two different things. Unfortunately, the legislation does not fully describe the conditions under which the use of VPN can be subject to state sanctions. That is why you can browse the pages with peace of mind, but registering new accounts using VPN is not worth it yet.

Registering Taobao in Russia without using a real Russian mobile number is real

You can bypass account registration with a link to a personal number. To do this, use a foreign virtual mobile number for registration. Since we have talked a lot about the legislation above, we will clarify here. The use of virtual numbers is completely legal.

What is a virtual registration number?

A virtual number is a standard mobile phone number. The difference from the usual one is that in order to use it, you do not need to purchase a SIM card and insert it into your mobile device.

A virtual (or fake) mobile number works through the number seller’s databases on the Internet. This means that all the organizational issues related to the work of the number are taken over by the seller of this number. Let’s take the SMS MAN online store as an example. SMS MAN is a proven supplier of high-quality, working foreign numbers for registrations. Buy a number from them, activate the SMS code required for any registration of a new account, and use the new Taobao account.

Taobao sign up using a virtual number

  1. Go to the website of the SMS MAN virtual number online store
    To purchase and activate a number, you need to enter your personal account or register it from scratch if you are visiting the site for the first time.
  2. Select from the list the country whose number you will use to register a new account
    SMS MAN represents a selection from all countries and states. if you did not find the desired country in the available ones, use the search function and the drop-down list.
    taobao sign up
  3. Select the service for which you are purchasing a virtual number
    In our case, choose Taobao. If you do not want to search for it for a long time among other services, again, use the search function to the right of the list.
    taobao sign up
  4. Buy the selected number by clicking the “buy” button
    Then scroll the page up to the beginning. There you will see the purchased virtual number. It is here that all your virtual mobile numbers acquired in SMS MAN will be stored.
    taobao sign up
  5. Enter virtual number when registering a new Taobao sign
    We advise you to enter the number manually instead of copying it from the main page of SMS MAN. When entering the number manually, you will not be subject to additional verification from the security service of the service.
    taobao sign up
  6. Let Taobao send SMS activation code to virtual mobile number and go back to SMS MAN website
    In the same place where your virtual number is located, you receive your SMS code. In order to see it, request it from the site. Click the “Get SMS” button. If the SMS has not yet arrived, please wait a bit. Will definitely come.
  7. Enter the activation code and use your new account for only $0.19!
    Congratulations, this completes your registration. To complete the picture, you can fill in the data about yourself in your personal account.

SMS MAN helps to register in any service using a virtual number of any country in less than 5 minutes.

You can read the registration instructions in other applications:

If you still have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments, and also contact SMS MAN technical support. Experienced website developers are ready to help at any moment of the day or night.

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