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How to get fake UK phone number for SMS verification

How to get fake UK phone number for SMS verification

Do you want to buy uk mobile number, but don’t know which service to use and how much time and money it will take? Read the details!

We advise you to buy virtual mobile numbers

We advise to buy fake virtual mobile numbers instead of standard ones you use.
Virtual mobile number or fake, as it is often called, is a number that is not attached to the SIM-card and works with the help of a closed classified database, uploaded to the Internet store by the seller of these phones.

The main feature of this number is that to use it you do not need to spend time configuring the sim card or reading the official documentation. A virtual cell phone number works by means of the Internet.

How to buy official uk mobile number?

  1. Use the SMS MAN website
    SMS MAN is an online seller of quality virtual numbers, tried and tested over the years and with positive reviews from our customers. All you need in order to start using this website is to log in or register your account.

  2. SMS MAN allows you to buy a virtual number for any country and state
    If you want to buy Ukrainian number, choose Ukraine among countries. If you can’t find the country among the represented ones, use the search function. It will allow you to save time and find the necessary line easier.
     receive sms online uk
  3. Next you need to choose an application or service for registration in which you buy a virtual number of Ukraine
    For example, let’s choose Telegram.
     receive sms online uk
  4. You must click on the number and buy it
    Purchased fake number will be displayed at the top of the site SMS MAN. That is where all your numbers and sms-codes for activation will be. The numbers will increase over time, but they will never disappear.
     receive sms online uk
  5. You can copy or manually enter the number when registering a new account
    In fact, we advise you not to use the copy function. Although it is available. The thing is that the security systems of applications and services do not like it when users insert their mobile number into the field. This raises suspicion on the part of security and the legitimacy of the account usage. To avoid drawing extra attention to yourself, enter the number yourself.
  6. The Telegram app will ask you to enter the activation code
    An SMS code may indeed come to a virtual number, even though it doesn’t have a sim card. The SMS code will be displayed on the main page of SMS MAN where your purchased phone number is located.
  7. Enter the new sms code you received to complete the registration
    We also recommend that you enter the SMS code yourself rather than inserting a copied file. This system works in the same way as with the number.
  8. That’s the end of your registration with the virtual number of Ukraine!
    Congratulations! Registration and purchase of uk mobile number took only 5 minutes and cost 0.59$.

We recommend you to use proven service SMS MAN, if you want to register quickly in the application with a virtual number.

And if you have any questions or any point remains unclear, feel free to write comments or contact the technical support of the official site. The SMS MAN team is available day and night 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have.

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