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South African phone number to receive SMS online

South Africa


Virtual phone number trend in South Africa

This is a new step in creating the convenience of using SIM cards, and it has already become a favorite virtual type of service. Agree, using a virtual number for verification in social networks and payment systems is much more convenient than carrying dozens of physical SIM cards with you. Virtual SIM-card functionality is no different from the physical. It accepts SMS in the same way, and for a fee you can send them, and even make calls. Today, almost all mobile operators offer virtual SIM cards, because it is more convenient and faster.

How to get virtual South African phone number?

We can recommend you to use for purchasing African virtual phone numbers for a lot of services, for instance Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp.

  1. Go to the sms-man web-site and sign up
  2. Choose one of payment methods and add to your wallet from 1 or 5 dollars. It depends on your wishes. You may take ~ 5 phone numbers per 1 dollar and ~ 25 per 5 $. It’s very good tempting offer, isn’t it?
  3. Choose South Africa to receive sms online from South Africa.
  4. Select for what kind of service you want to purchase virtual number
  5. Your South African phone number will appear at the top of the site. After using it in registration form, you can request verification code for this number and get it via “Get the SMS” button.
    And if you didn’t receive your sms for the first time, try to reject this number and take one more time, your money will save or  you can write to  the support team at the our web-site or use our  telegram chat. Support team will help you as soon as possible.

Our Telegram channel

What if payment methods you see on SMS-Man doesn’t satisfy you? We have answer for it and it’s simple as never. All you have to do is just use special Telegram channel to get  a fake virtual numbers  with no cost.

There we on a daily note provide from 5 to 6 virtual phone numbers from different countries that subscribers can use for signing for various websites and apps without exceptions. So there are not any difficulties with using them so as to use virtual phone numbers.

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