How to create an account on Microsoft without phone
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Registration of an account on Microsoft without phone number


In this article, we will explore how to create a Microsoft account without phone number. But, first of all, let us find out what for one needs such an account in general. Those, who use the Windows operating system, are closely familiar with this concept. It was introduced long ago. In simple words, a Microsoft account is your personal profile, which provides you with quick access to Windows and an opportunity to use other services from this brand.

In these recent times, users are more and more often offered to sign up for a Live ID. It is a new type of account, which the American IT giant introduced just a few years ago. So, it is not surprising that so many users are searching how to register such an account on Microsoft without mobile number. A Live ID is used to create a common profile, which allows you to sign in to any device and service running Windows.

Here are some of them:

  • Windows OS. The same profile can be used for different versions of Windows.
  • Skype. I think it needs no introduction.
  • Bing. It is a search engine popular in the West.
  • Xbox. When you sign in to your account, all games you have bought are available.
  • Outlook. It is an email service with an integrated organizer.
  • OneDrive. It is a cloud storage service.

majkrosoft bez nomera telefona

How to create an account on Microsoft without phone

Let’s use the easiest and at the same time the most reliable way to sign up Microsoft without phone number, and that is the service of virtual telephony. Today, you can get a mobile number for temporary use, which will be quite enough in this case. One of such sources is On this website, you can buy virtual numbers from more than 60 different countries. Moreover, prices for such services vary from 5 to 20 cents.

That is why I selected this platform. Besides, using, you can create an email box on Gmail and Yandex, as well as register in the most popular social networks and messengers.

First, go to and select “Use phone number”. The system will direct you to the corresponding form. At this point, you need to purchase a virtual number to create Microsoft without phone number, so go to

How to buy a virtual phone number for Microsoft

  1. Pass a quick registration at

  1. Deposit your account using one of the available methods.
  2. Choose the Microsoft service on the main page.
  3. Select the suitable country, to which the operator is linked.
  4. Confirm the receipt of the number.
  5. Now, the virtual number bought is added to your personal account.

Get back to the registration form. Enter the virtual number received and click “Next”. Then, invent the password and specify your first and last name, as well as your date of birth. Finally, you will see the window, which will require you to enter the confirmation code. Go back to and open a personal cabinet. Press “Get SMS”, and you will see your activation code in the field “SMS”. Copy it, enter it in the corresponding line in the sign-up box, and press “Next”. At the final step, you must specify your e-mail address.

So, now you have a full-fledged Microsoft account without phone number.

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