How to register Foodpanda account without phone number
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Foodpanda food delivery: registration without a phone number or with fake phone number


Foodpanda provides a large selection of cafes and restaurants for ordering home food delivery. Service is famous all over the world and has recently become available in Russia. The Foodpanda app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store . In this article I will tell you how to make Foodpanda registration quickly and efficiently

To get food delivery from Foodpanda, you have to find restaurants on the site that are near you, using your address, view the menu, make your order, and then just go to the checkout and payment. Your food will be delivered to you in a very short time.

With a huge selection of places to eat and easy online payment, Foodpanda has quickly became popular among Russian people.

The only disadvantage of this service is the requirement of a phone number for registration. Not each user wants to share his/her phone number on various web resources. And some people do not use cell phones. Especially for this, there are services that provide virtual numbers at a small price for SMS activation on various resources.

зарегистрироваться в Foodpanda без номера телефона

Buy a virtual number for registration on Foodpanda

Buying a virtual number for registration on the popular services on the Internet is very easy, but it’s not so easy to find a site that sells numbers for SMS activation on Foodpanda. One of the services providing this option is It allows you to register without a phone number not only in the Foodpanda app but also in other social media networks, theatres, messengers, and marketplaces.

A virtual number for registration on Foodpanda costs about 20-35 cents on Besides the low price, the site has some extra advantages: a large choice of countries with network providers, simple and easy to use interface, many payment systems and currencies to pay for services, chat with support service.

How to register on Foodpanda without phone number:

  1. Register on the resource

2. Open the menu and go to “Payment”.

3. Recharge your account with one of the payment systems you trust more or a bank card.

4. On the main page click find country and choose foodPanda

5. A large list of virtual numbers will appear in front of you.

6. Choose one of them.

7. Go to your cabinet and copy the acquired number.

8. Open the Foodpanda app and enter the phone number in the corresponding field.

9. Go back to your cabinet on and press “Get SMS”.

10. Copy the code and paste it into the Foodpanda app.

Now you have access to delicious food with delivery from the nearest cafes and restaurants. It took us a little time and only 20 cents. And all our data remains anonymous.


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