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FoodPanda food ordering app: features and advantages


If you don’t really want to cook, we recommend that you pay attention to the food delivery service FoodPanda, but how to use FoodPanda app?

If you don’t really want to cook or you really value your time, we recommend that you pay attention to the food delivery service FoodPanda. The application will help out not only single bachelors, but also caring housewives who decided to arrange a day off and not cook a three-course dinner, but order ready-made food at home. A special feature of the service is that it works in dozens of other countries.

Платформа FoodPanda

FoodPanda com: how to use the app

You can download the FoodPanda ru app from Google Play or the App Store, it all depends on the smartphone’s operating system. After installation, the program offers to specify your location. Here you can use the tips of the service, and use the GPS readings from your smartphone or enter the address manually.

After setting up, the user will see a list of available order points. Restaurants can be filtered by the minimum order amount, delivery cost, and cooking time. In another list, you can choose the desired cuisine. By the way, the FoodPanda ru service itself checks which of the restaurants work with delivery:

  • After selecting a restaurant, the menu opens in the form of a list. By clicking on “Info”, you can read additional information about the institution.
  • Select the desired dishes and specify the number of servings. When choosing, you can rely only on a brief description and name, there are no photos of dishes in the FoodPanda application. The order will be moved to the shopping cart, after which you need to go to it and click “Order”.
  • If the user does not have an account, the program will ask you to log in and create one at the payment stage. By the way, it is not necessary to use a real mobile number to register in the system. For SMS mailings, registration in social networks, you can purchase a virtual mobile number on Sms-man service.

After registration, you will receive an SMS notifying you about the delivery status. You can pay for the order upon receipt. The service remembers the user’s preferences. And next time you can simply repeat the order, and not scour the menu and look for your favorite dishes.

FoodPanda service: conclusions

The FoodPanda application pleases with a well-thought-out interface. It is convenient that a variety of offers are collected in one place. Therefore the user does not need to independently browse the websites of restaurants and search for a point with delivery.

User reviews are mostly good: 4 and 5

The application does not have large shoals. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the lack of photos of dishes.

It is worth noting a good selection of restaurants from different price categories. It’s nice that some of them offer free shipping. Even a novice user can use Foodpanda without effort — click, choose dishes, place an online order and enjoy the food evening.

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