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Localbitcoins: reviews and features of using the site

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Localbitcoins net is one of the most reliable and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency. I will tell you how to Sign up without phone number.


Cryptocurrency has not been considered something unusual for a long time, because there are a huge number of sites where you can buy, sell or exchange digital assets. Localbitcoins and reviews about this platform confirm that in 2021 it is one of the most reliable and user-friendly.

Bitcoin locale: reviews and opinions

localbitcoins net

What is the secret of the popularity of the site? First of all, Localbitcoins is an unusual cryptocurrency exchange, in the traditional sense.

For those who plan to work with the platform Localbitcoins.com, customer reviews will be exactly the decisive factor that will help to persuade the user to a specific site. Positive opinions combined with the uniqueness of the platform make the exchange attractive for those who plan to trade cryptocurrency on the market.

Localbitcoins website: job reviews

localbitcoins net

For those who have no experience with the site yet https.localbitcoins.com, reviews from other customers will help you make a choice in favor of this site.

Among the main features of the exchange, there are:

  • To quickly create an order with their own terms of the transaction, almost instantly withdraw money or search for a suitable offer, the user can use the convenient search menu.
  • Positive reviews about the Bitcoin 2020 Locale also often affect the simplified procedure for finding a potential partner. The trader himself is looking for a suitable partner and conducts negotiations with him directly. The exchange does not interfere in the negotiation process, but only performs the role of a supervisory authority. This ensures that both parties will adhere to the terms of the transaction.
  • The exchange does not require verification from users. This condition is especially important for those who prefer to trade cryptocurrency while maintaining complete anonymity.

Verification should be mentioned separately. Despite the fact that proof of identity is not required to work with the exchange, passing verification significantly expands the possibilities of working on the platform. But, even if the user has studied positive reviews about localbitcoins.net, he may not be ready to” shine ” his real number and personal data.

In this case, the “SMS-man” service is useful. With its help, everyone will be able to buy a virtual phone number for registration and full-fledged work on the site. Detailed instructions on how to sing up on localbitcoins.com:


Why it is worth working with Localbitcoins: reviews about the exchange

The company has been operating since 2012 and has a wide reach of customers around the world. At the moment, the number of users exceeds 4 million, and this figure is constantly growing.

But, even if a potential client has studied the reviews about Localbitcoins, and decided to start working with the platform, he should take into account several important features:

  1. Users for a transaction should be selected very carefully. The Exchange is not responsible for fraud cases, which have become significantly more frequent recently.
  2. It should also be remembered that the choice of cryptocurrencies on the site is limited. At the moment, the exchange works only with Bitcoin.
  3. Many users are afraid of blocking the site by Roskomnadzor. But this problem is solvable. The platform has an official mirror https.localbitcoins.net,reviews about which are also extremely positive. Because this site does not differ in any way from the official one in terms of interface or capabilities.

Reviews about the work of the exchange, as well as about the cryptocurrency in general, can be completely different. Someone considers earnings on electronic assets unrealistic, but for others it is a great way to earn money.

If we talk specifically about https.localbitcoins.net.ru, the reviews will be quite unambiguous. Clients get real benefits from working with the exchange. To do this, they carefully approach the choice of a counterparty and cooperate only with users with a clean reputation and positive reviews.

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