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How to delete a Linkedin Profile: Step-by-step guide

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Linkedin is a world-famous social network that helps you get useful contacts and establish business ties. As of April 2020, more than 675 million users were registered in Linkedin. Before you delete your Linkedin account permanently, analyze your personal page. Many users have been making useful acquaintances for years, finding unique contacts through the social network and communicating with like-minded people.

How do I delete a Linkedin profile?

Before creating a page, even in the most popular network, it is difficult to understand how useful it will be in the future. It is impossible to determine this even from the reviews of experienced users, only based on personal feelings. Before you delete your Linkedin account, save all the necessary contacts in a safe place.

It is important to know that there are no restrictions on registration on the Linkedin resource. But deleting is an irreversible task. Before completely eliminating the profile, it is important to know the following:

The user will lose access to the contacts and information specified on the personal page.
The account will become unavailable to other members of the platform.
All recommendations and skill confirmations given by other Linkedin participants will disappear.

Even after the Linkedin account deleted, at first the search programs still show the user’s profile. Why? This is a feature of the work, users can still see the pages stored in the cache for some time. Your account will become invisible after the search engine is updated. No one can say exactly when this will happen.

How to delete a Linkedin account: a practical guide

Before you delete your Linkedin profile, you need to log in to your personal account on the site:

  1. Click on the profile picture and select the “Privacy and settings — manage” section from the drop-down menu.

2. Click on the “Account management” command and click on the” Close account” link.

3. Choose the reason why you decided to get rid of the page. The list of reasons is well thought out, there are several alternative solutions. For example, you write that you are not getting any benefit from Linkedin. Link to the help section will immediately appear. This is how each item works, so before you delete your Linkedin profile forever, you can just work on the network settings, make the page even more efficient and save the profile.

Specifying “Other ” among the reasons, it is necessary to briefly state the reason for the liquidation of the page. In other cases, it is not important.

Before you delete a page in Linkedin, enter the password from the account. Make a note that you do not need to send messages and invitations to groups. After doing this, go to the “Close account” button. After that, the account will be closed, the system will send an alert. By the way, to register in any social network, it is not necessary to use your personal mobile phone number, today many users buy virtual mobile numbers for SMS mailings, registrations and other purposes.

This is what the service is designed for. You can learn more about registering for Linkedin account from the instructions:

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