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Buy a Linkedin account (Linkedin) for 27 cents

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The Linkedin social network is designed for job search and business communication. The total number of registered users has exceeded 500 million. People from almost all countries of the world are represented. And how to buy Linkedin account?

This is a great place to promote brands, conduct business and solve business problems. Quite often, you need to buy a Linkedin account. This will allow you to get a ready-made profile at your disposal.

Is it worth buying an account in Linkedin or are there more attractive options? As an alternative, you can offer the site “Sms-man”. There are virtual numbers for registration in the Linkedin service for only 27 cents. If necessary, they can be rented for the required period.

Why Buying a Linkedin Account is Not the Best Solution

First of all, the purchase of profiles guarantees that the seller will not be able to return them back. You will have to completely change all the linked contacts to exclude this option. This significantly increases the cost of time and effort.

The second point is the probability of blocking. The social network is struggling with such profiles. Those who want to buy a Linkedin account often face a ban after the purchase. The last factor is the cost. With self-registration, you can buy a virtual number on” Sms-man ” specifically for the Linkedin service from 27 cents.

Saving is not the only advantage. Unlike the purchase of a Linkedin account, self-created user profiles will not have any complaints from the administration of the social network.

How to buy a virtual number and register on Linkedin

Here are the detailed instructions.

  1. We go to the website “Sms-man”. You must log in to the service to access purchases.

2. We replenish our account with the required amount. You can choose any of the presented options.

3. Go to the main page. Now you need to select a virtual number. We specify the necessary country, then the service for registration. In our case, it will be Linkedin. You can find it in the list or enter the name in the search field. Please note that the social network does not accept Russian numbers. Select another country in this field.

4. When the virtual number has been purchased, we go directly to the Linkedin social network. We are interested in the registration form. Click “Join now” in the upper right part of the page.

5. Now enter the email address and password that will be used on this site.

6. To continue, you need to get the code from the SMS message. It is here that we enter the purchased virtual number and its country. Click the “Submit” button.

7. Go to the website “Sms-man”, where we are interested in the section “Profile”. We find the item “Request History”.

8. Copy the code and paste it on Linkedin. We are completing the registration and can start filling out the profile.

This method is more profitable than buying a Linkedin account.

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