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Shadow ban on Twitter: how to recover your account

Shadow ban on Twitter

You can get a shadow ban on Twitter for such a trifle as obscene language or frequent posting. For the first time, the social network applied this method of punishment to its users in 2014 and since then an automatic algorithm has been responsible for distributing bans. This means that no one is immune from the situation when Twitter has blocked an account.

But even if you have such an unpleasant situation, you can always buy a virtual number for registering a new account for just 0.16 cents.

What is a shadow ban on Twitter?

The principle of such punishment is to limit the visibility of posts. That is, they become invisible and are not shown in the search results. Moreover, if an account is blocked on twitter, the user’s tweets become invisible even to subscribers.

It turns out that all the user’s comments and activities simply disappear from the social network. But the most unpleasant thing is that he himself may not even know about it. An unsuspecting user sees his posts safely. But no one likes or comments on them. When suspicions begin, the idea arises to check for a shadow ban on Twitter. And here you will find an unpleasant surprise.

Why can anyone get banned on Twitter?

Situations when Twitter has blocked an account happen quite often. You can get banned for the following violations:

  • Systematic use of obscene language. These are not strong words in 1-2 posts, but a choice mate in almost every tweet.
  • Aggressive insults, inciting conflicts on the basis of religion, politics, nationalism and other controversial topics.
  • Too many repostings. Keep an eye on the balance – if only one of your posts is for 10 posts, and the rest are retweets, a shadow ban on Twitter is not far off.
  • Posting tweets every half hour. Too much activity in the social network is clearly too much, since the algorithm treats such messages as spam.
  • Abuse of the same tags. Or the use of tags that do not correspond to the topic of the post.

The most interesting thing is that the social network does not disclose exactly what the restrictions are. And since the robot is responsible for issuing the ban, even the most law-abiding user is not immune from being blocked due to a failure.

Blocked Twitter – what to do?

There are two ways to check for a ban on Twitter:

  1. Independently with the help of manual verification

You need to check whether your tweets are visible in the search. To do this, go to another browser, open Twitter, but do not log in. Enter the text of your tweet in the search engine. If the search result = 0, you have a shadow ban on Twitter.









2. Automatically via the services

The best choice is the Shadowban service. It is enough to specify the user name, and the system will show whether there is such a profile at all and what restrictions are on it. All checkboxes should be green. If there is a result of checking for a red Twitter shadow ban, then there is something wrong with your account.

Is it possible to remove a shadow ban on Twitter?

It is issued for a clearly defined period – a maximum of 4 weeks. The duration of the punishment is determined by the algorithm. Restrictions are removed automatically when the deadline ends. You will not be able to remove it earlier. Of course, you can complain to the support service, but as a rule they do not want to deal with these issues.









If waiting for unblocking is not your option, you can register a new Twitter account using a virtual phone number. Such a service costs from 0.16 cents in” Sms-man”. The service allows you to purchase any number of virtual numbers from more than 200 countries. This means that you can create many accounts and are no longer afraid of a shadow ban on Twitter.

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