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What are one-time phone numbers for registration?

odnorazovye nomera telefona dlya registraczii


Today, almost every messenger, social network, forum or some online service for registration requires your phone number and its subsequent verification with a code from the sms. But it often happens that leaving your phone number on some service, we begin to receive thousands of spammer calls or notifications. How to avoid it? For example, you can use disposable phone numbers for registration. What it is, and how to use a disposable phone number to keep your safety, we will consider in today’s article.

What are disposable phone numbers for registration?

A disposable number is essentially your virtual phone number that you can use just once to register or receive an sms code. Its functionality is simple: you rent a disposable SMS number to get a confirmation code on it. In this case, the lease lasts a very short time – from 20 to 60 minutes.

Что такое одноразовые номера телефона для регистрации

No SIM-card or smartphone is required for such a virtual disposable number. The entire process of obtaining such a number takes place over the Internet using cloud technology.

All you need to use a disposable phone number for registration is a stable Internet connection.

Where can I use disposable phone numbers for texting?

One-time phone numbers can be used to register fake accounts on Google, Facebook, Instagram and any other public networks. These accounts can be used by you for mailings, scamming or any other purposes. A disposable telegram number, for example, can be used to make up various channels or chatbots when organizing an infobusiness. It is not recommended to use disposable numbers for Facebook and other social networks when you register your main profile. Because if you forget your password or someone hacks your page, it will be impossible to restore your account without the intervention of the technical support of the social network.

You can buy a token number to sign up for a questionable site, such as a forum or online service, without having to worry about your safety. The same rule applies here as with social networks. If your account is important to you, don’t register it with a burner number. You won’t be able to restore it.


You can use a disposable number for sms registration on ads services like Amazon or Ebay. But to contact you, specify a different phone number or email in your profile.

You should not tie a disposable phone number to a bank card or online banking. A lot of financial transactions require confirmation by sms-code, and you will only get this service once. For these needs, you can use leased virtual numbers. I will tell you about them below.

Rent virtual numbers

Virtual numbers are similar to disposable numbers in that they don’t require SIM cards or smartphones. They also work through remote servers using cloud technology.

Аренда виртуальных номеров

However, the essential difference between virtual numbers and disposable numbers is, first of all, in their functionality.

Secondly, another difference is possible to rent a virtual number for a long period. It is not terrible to link your basic social network accounts to such numbers or to register your online banking to it. Because you have the opportunity to use it always, depending on the paid term of your rent.

Where can I find a disposable phone number?

There are a lot of disposable number services online. Most of them are either tied to a specific social network (e.g. Facebook or VK). Others only provide numbers for specific countries (e.g. Ukraine, Germany, etc.).

Service “SMS-MAN” provides an opportunity to buy a disposable phone number for registration in messengers, social networks and many other resources.

Prices for our services are minimal among competitors and the quality is much higher. We do not use manual labor, everything is fully automated, which allows you to receive sms in seconds.

Another plus of working with our service – we offer not only to buy a disposable phone number and rent a number for the period you want.

Work with our virtual numbers is easy and convenient!

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