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How to unsubscribe from Netflix on your phone, TV or computer: step-by-step instructions

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The Netflix streaming service offers an extensive video library with TV series, movies and other content. As of the end of 2020, the total number of subscribers exceeded 200 million people. This allows you to reach the first place in the world. There is content for every taste, updates are constantly appearing. The subscription price ranges from 8.99 to 17.99 $ per month. It depends on the chosen tariff plan: simple, standard and premium. Let’s take a closer look at how to unsubscribe from Netflix on various devices. There are several ways to do this.

Are you looking for how to unsubscribe from Netflix in order to register an account again? In this case, you will be able to use the service for free. We will consider such a moment separately later. This requires linking to a mobile number. The Sms-man service offers virtual numbers for registration on Netflix from 20 cents. They can be purchased in any quantity.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix

Let’s start by considering the process for a personal computer or the case when a browser is used.

1. We log in to our account on the service. Go to the settings and select “Account”.

Как отписаться от Netflix

2. In the window that opens, select the “Membership & Billing” section. We go to it, and then cancel the subscription (Cancel membership).

Как отписаться от Нетфликс

3. The service does not want to let us go just like that. A question will be asked about the reasons, and it is also necessary to confirm the decision.

Как отписаться от Нетфликс после бесплатного месяца

Now the money will no longer be debited from the card.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix from your phone

The task is not complicated if a mobile device is used. We will tell you how to unsubscribe from Netflix from your phone. The process is the same for devices running Android and iOS. If you need to unsubscribe from the Netflix application, launch it. Now we repeat the steps described in the last paragraph, only on a mobile device.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Choosing Membership & Billing”.
  3. Click “Cancel membership”.
  4. We confirm.

Как отписаться от Нетфлик на телефоне

We have reviewed how to unsubscribe from a Netflix subscription on your phone. The same can be done through the browser on the device.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix on TV

There is an application for an online cinema, which is used on TV. It provides full functionality, but only if installed on a Smart TV. Consider. How to unsubscribe from Netflix on Samsung, LG and other models.

Go to the settings and perform the sequence of actions that has already been described several times before. «Account» – «Cancel Membership» – «Finish Cancellation».

Как отписаться от Нетфлик (Netflix) на телевизоре

You can unsubscribe from Netflix on TV and the money will not be debited. At the same time, the service will remain available until the end of the paid period.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix after a free month

Not everyone is satisfied with the amount of the monthly fee. The Sms-man service offers to use a Netflix subscription for free. To do this, a new account is registered to a virtual number every month. A more detailed description of this plan is available in this article on our website.

It is important to unsubscribe from Netflix not after the free month, otherwise the money will be debited from the card. It is advisable to do this immediately after registering an account in the streaming service. The described method is suitable for all types of devices – from mobile phones to PCs or Smart TVs.

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