How to create Netflix account without phone number
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How to create Netflix account without phone number

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Netflix is a popular streaming service that provides unimpeded access to a vast variety of movies, series, cartoons, shows, and other video content. It can easily be called a trendsetter in the world of online movie theaters. For new users, it offers a 30-day free trial of its services. Do you want to access all the latest movies and series? Learn how to create Netflix account without phone number and enjoy video content.

Today, it enjoys popularity in many countries. Users from different corners of the world can officially register and watch fresh video content without any restrictions. As of now, their website is available in English and Russian only. However, it is very intuitive for everyone, so there should be no problems with registering or using it.

One should also highlight that the administration of the company has introduced new requirements to users not so long ago. Now, one cannot get create Netflix account without phone number as one should pass SMS verification. To be frank, not all users have a positive attitude to this innovation. And far from everybody wants to “disclose” his phone number, as well as the information about his bank card, which is required by the service for a subscription. Fortunately, there are several ways to circumvent this rule and get access to the service on an anonymous basis.

купить аккаунт Netflix без номера телефона

Buying an account to use Netflix without phone number

On the Internet, there are more and more ads that offer to buy an account on this source for a certain price. But you should keep in mind that the administration disapproves of selling and buying profiles and takes every step to prevent such deals. So, if you risk choosing this method, your account can be blocked, and your IP address can be added to the blacklist.

If you want to sign up on Netflix without a phone number, it is much safer and cheaper to buy a virtual number for that. In contrast to purchasing a ready-made profile, you will register a new account yourself, which will ensure its reliability and will help you avoid getting a ban.

Using a virtual phone number to sign up

First of all, you need to find the best service that provides virtual numbers. After looking through dozens of such sources, I chose Here, you can easily create accounts for VK, Twitter, WhatsApp, Yandex, Google, and almost any other popular online platform. On SMS-Man, you can buy a virtual number for subscribing to Netflix without a phone number for only 12-25 cents (depending on the country, to which the mobile operator is linked). And it takes no more than 5 minutes to cope with everything.

We will not stop on the procedure of Netflix registration, it is easy and intuitive enough. But we will discuss how to purchase a temporary online number for receiving SMS with an activation code.

How to create Netflix account with SMS-Man?

Everyone can use our platform to solve this task. Getting a virtual phone number with us is easy and possible by following this detailed instruction:

  1. Pass a quick registration at
  2. Open the menu in the left corner of your screen and click on “Pay”.
  3. Make a payment in dollars, rubles, or a cryptocurrency.
  4. Go to the main page and select Netflix from the list.
  5. Choose your number and click “Buy”.
  6. Now, you can copy it from your personal cabinet. Paste it into the appropriate line when registering on the streaming platform.
  7. After the system sends you an SMS with a verification code, go back to your personal cabinet and click “Get SMS”.
  8. Copy the code displayed and paste it into the sign-up form.

So, you have created Netflix account without phone number. Now, you can enjoy watching movies and TV series without any restrictions.