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How to verify MeetMe without phone number

verify MeetMe without phone


It may seem that MeetMe is not so popular compared to our dating sites. However, this platform for making friends and relationships is visited by millions of users every day. If to analyze its name, it gets obvious that this service was created to help people meet not only online but also in real life as frequently as possible. Its interface is available in a dozen of different languages, including English, so you will easily understand how everything works there. Read our article on how to verify MeetMe without phone number and enjoy communicating with interesting people without privacy risks.

This dating website was introduced more than 15 years ago. It was founded by Geoff and Dave Cook. As of now, it can boast a user base of 15 million people. This is an impressive figure although there are social networks that have much more profiles.

Most users prefer to access this service via mobile apps in the first place. The company offers applications for all kinds of mobile devices. According to reviews, users choose apps for convenience of use and a wide selection of functions. The administration of this service offers: “Meet, chat, and have fun with new people — free!”. So, let us find out whether they stick to this motto.

To try all the features offered by the platform, you need to register. Also, we should note that to create an account, you must pass phone verification. So, if you do not want to disclose your real phone number on a dating website, you will have to get an extra SIM card. Can one verify MeetMe without phone? Find the answer below.

What is MeetMe app?

What for to spend the effort to register and verify MeetMe without phone? To start with, this website has an attractive interface. Besides, it is rather user-friendly and simple. At the top, you will see the buttons for managing your account. And, below, you can see the timeline.

We suppose that the main distinctive feature of is the opportunity to search for a partner basing on his/her geolocation. You can see who is near you at the moment, for example, in the neighboring building, street, or district. This is the basis of this social network.

Other users can invite you to chats. In such situations, you will see the corresponding notifications. You can both accept and reject such invitations. Also, you can start your own chat. This function is available from the very start.


To do that, press the button “New Chat”. Afterward, you will need to enter the name of the user you want to communicate with.

In the menu “MeetMe Club”, there is a section “… near you”. This function helps to filter users according to certain criteria. Just specify the city you are interested in, and you will see a selection of users that live near you. Those profiles that are currently online in the MeetMe Club will have a green mark.


To get the most precise results, fill in all the lines in the form “Filter”.

In addition to the location, specify the age and the gender of a partner.

Is it possible to create and verify MeetMe without phone number?

Do you want to sign up for this dating service? Go to The procedure is simple enough.

You can choose between two options: you can register either via your Facebook account or your email box. Also, you will be required to fill in a questionary with certain information about you. It is quite standard. You should specify your name, gender, date of birth, and email address. Besides, you should invent a password.

Afterward, you must pass a verification procedure. You will be offered to choose from several options. Select the one which suits you the best:

  • Receive a call to your home number.
  • Activate your account via a call to your mobile number.
  • Get a message with a code to your mobile number. Most users consider this method to be the most convenient.

Подтверждение учетной записи

If you choose the latest variant, you will need to enter the code from the message in the window on the website. And that’s all. Your profile will be confirmed.

Besides, you will get an email with a link for confirmation to your electronic address. You will be required to follow it to the source within 24 hours.

If you want to keep your real number private and verify MeetMe without phone, the best variant is to buy a virtual number for registration.

How to use a virtual phone number to bypass MeetMe verification?

There is nothing difficult about it. Just sign up for the service for SMS activation SMS-Man. After you deposit your balance ($0,13 will be enough), you will get an opportunity to use a virtual number to verify MeetMe without phone right away.

Use the search form on the main page, to pick up a suitable number for a necessary platform. In this case, you will need to search for MeetMe. A number will cost you only $0,13. You will receive a message with a verification code from MeetMe to this particular number.

To successfully complete registration on this dating source, enter the code from the SMS. In such a way, you can create an unlimited amount of profiles. You are also free to choose an operator from any country, your current location does not matter.

How to see other users’ profiles after verifying on MeetMe?

To see detailed information about a user, click on his/her icon. You can have a close look at all the photos of the user chosen or send him/her a message. Besides, you can send a present as a sign of your affection.

The next section of MeetMe is “Chats”. There, you can look through your texting history.

In your personal profile, you can see the following subsections:

  • Friends. Here, you can see all the users whom you have added as friends, as well as friend requests received.
  • Views. You can learn who visited your page. It is similar to the section “Guests” on Odnoklassniki.
  • Popularity. It allows you to get to the top of the search results. Here, you can see your current position and get recommendations on how to improve it.
  • Photos. The name of this section is self-explanatory. You can add your photos here.

This service has the internal currency – credits. But you do not need to make donations to receive them. It is not obligatory. You can get credits by fulfilling tasks and filling in surveys. You can do that right on the platform.

Is it worth the effort to verify MeetMe account without phone number?

This dating platform is another convenient tool for finding new acquaintances. Also, you can use it to plan a meeting at a cafe or cinema.

It looks like the popularity of this service will keep on growing and will embrace more countries all around the world in the near future. This app is rarely updated. However, it offers a good selection of useful and interesting functions. Also, it is crucial to highlight one more time that donations are not compulsory. That is a huge advantage. Just think: what other services offer to earn internal currency without even leaving the platform? So, this dating source is definitely worth your attention.

Why use a VPN when registering?

For a more confident registration, it is better to use the extension VPN, with its help you can substitute the IP address to bypass blocking, as well as to save your personal data.To do this, you will need to select the country and IP address that will correspond to the country number for registration.

Use a virtual number to create and verify MeetMe without phone right today and try the features on offer. Even if you do not like something, you can easily delete your account.
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