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Creating an Instagram profile

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What is Instagram?

Here I will tell you how to create a quality profile and context in instagram for a business account. Instagram is a social network that is very popular these days, where the main content is something that can be “photographed beautifully.”. And how to creating an Instagram profile?

It gives the opportunity, not only to share videos and photos with subscribers and friends, but also gives a strong tool of loyalty, in order to be closer to customers, to know their preferences and attitudes towards a certain kind of product. It’s not a bad way to get promoted. Many bloggers have long ago created a business page on Instagram and make a lot of money from it.

In order to start making money from your products and services you don’t have to rent a room or an office, you don’t even have to have your own internet site. The main thing is to have a systematic approach and powerful creativity and then you can make money with even one Instagram page.

Before you start promoting your page, it is necessary to make a preparatory project. Competent filling of the information, one of the main determining moments, whether the customer will be able to find on your page the product or service of interest.

Where to start?

Start by registering on Instagram, and then start creating an avatar, a title, and a bio. Think carefully and analyze it thoroughly to create a profile that will catch your eye. Detail what you do and how to contact you. After creating an Instagram account follow next steps

The avatar is the attribute, the recognition of your profile. Pick a relevant picture to convey the meaning of your occupation.

The next step is to create a business account. You need to think up a name for it. It should be bright, memorable and individual, you have to express the semantic power of your business in 2 words.

To write the information, you need to click “Edit Profile” at the top of the page. You need to be well versed in what you need to write so that the person interested in the site gets all the important information about (the company’s products or services, slogan, address).

Fill out a bio.

Of the 100% of information that we browse, only 20% of it we remember what we read, and what we see 80% . But as information evolves, people stop automatically remembering information they don’t need. If you put the important part of the information between the lines, the viewer may not even notice it. You need exactly 5 seconds to catch the attention of a customer who is visiting your page for the first time!

Look again and make sure all the important information is filled in.

Now let’s move on to the texts in the posts.

You can manage your Instagram business accounts yourself or hire a copywriter. There’s nothing difficult about writing texts. The main thing is to always try it on yourself. Read it leisurely, whether it was able to interest you. In the text, describe more of a benefit than a characteristic, because it is not clear to everyone. Also, do not forget about the appeal, come in, look, buy. Try not to write templates such as “The best quality,” “Low price. It is better to replace the real properties.

Don’t lead people astray with water, always write about real examples of use. This is the only way you can raise your credibility in the eyes and earn trust.

For easy to find the right posts, make Hashtags. In the header of the search, instead of the company website can place a link to the post. Also, do not forget to take into account the place where you are going to sell your products and services.

Here I have described all the important conditions for creating a business page on Instagram. Mastery and experience comes with time, do not be afraid to experiment, gain experience. In time you should definitely succeed.

What if I want multiple business accounts?


If you want to create multiple instagram accounts, but you only have one phone number, you can use a service to buy a disposable number. Go to, choose any country in which you want to register a number and choose instagram.
You can buy a number in instagram for only $ 0.24, so you can create as many accounts as you want. Thanks for reading article about creating an Instagram account



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