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Sign up for Icrypex exchange with a virtual phone number

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What is that all about?

Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Icrypex was founded by professionals who have dedicated their entire careers to financial products such as futures, money and currency markets, fixed income products and digital currencies.

Unlike many other global exchanges, bitcoin, litecoin, etherium, ripple and other cryptocoins create a wallet in their own node. This means that the transactions you make through Icrypex are instantly executed on the blockchain.

The only drawback of the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Icrypex is the mandatory cell phone number for registration. If you don’t want to use your personal phone or you need to create a large number of accounts, a virtual number registration would be the best option.

In the service of “Sms-man” you can buy a virtual number for Icrypex for $0.13. There are mobile operators from Turkey, USA, Russia, China, England and many other countries.

It is possible to pay for a virtual number for Icrypex in dollars, rubles and cryptocurrencies through a large number of payment systems. The resource is so simple to use that even those who have never dealt with sms activation services can understand it.

Buy a virtual number for Icrypex

In order to buy a virtual number for Icrypex do the following steps in sequence:

  1. Open the site and make an easy registration.
    You will only need an email to register. You can also log in via Facebook, Twitter or Google account

2. Open the “Payment” tab in the top menu and deposit the necessary amount of money through one of the suggested payment services.

3. After that, go to the home page of the site. Choose the country for which you want to buy a number, and in the search enter the name of the service.

4. After clicking on the exchange icon, a list with available virtual numbers will appear. Select one number and click on the “Buy” button.

5. Now open the site and immediately on the right side of the screen appears a registration form.
At this step it is very important to use the VPN of the country whose number you bought. Otherwise you may not get an SMS

Регистрация в Icrypex

6. Fill in all the necessary information, and in the field for the phone enter our virtual number (do not forget to select the correct country code).

Заполнение регистрационных полей в Icrypex

7. An sms is sent to the number. Go back to and click “Get sms”.

8. The code we need will appear. Copy the numbers and paste them into the registration window of the exchange, and confirm.

This completes registration on the Icrypex exchange by virtual number. If you need to create additional accounts, you need to use a separate number for each of them.



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