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What to do if your Blizzard account is blocked

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The situation when Blizzard was blocked and access to the account was closed happens quite often. This company is famous not only for its mega-cool games, but also for its rather strict attitude towards players.

More recently, more than 74 thousand players had their accounts blocked due to blizzard’s suspicions. And although the company claims that these are dishonest WoW users, quite real accounts of respectable players could get under the distribution. And, of course, in this case, you need to restore the Blizzard account. After all, without this, the game features Battle.net they will not be available.

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What to do if your blizzard account is blocked

Of course, you have received a letter of happiness like “This account is blocked by blizzard”, but this is not a reason to despair and deny yourself the pleasure of playing on Battle.net. The message should contain information about the reasons for blocking and how to restore the account.

If your blizzard account is blocked, often the only quick way to restore access to the virtual world of Warcraft and games is to create an account from scratch. To do this, you will need a mobile number that you have not previously used for registration.

Blizzard account is blocked: your actions

If you don’t want to buy a new SIM card just for the sake of restoring your Blizzard account, use a virtual phone number. The cost of such a service is only 0.36 cents, while registration by a virtual number is quite legal and safe, the account is not blocked by the administration. Plus – if blizzard is banned, you can create several accounts at once without buying sim cards for each.

So, blizzard has been blocked, and unlocking is either impossible or takes a lot of time. What to do?

1. Visit the resource sms-man.com and buy a virtual phone number for receiving SMS from Blizzard for 0.36 cents. To do this, top up your account, select the country of the mobile operator for registration and enter the name of the Blizzard service in the search bar, as shown in the photo below.

2. Open the website blizzard.com and select the options “My account” -> “Create a Free Account”.

3. Select the country, specify the date of birth and click “Continue”. You can also create an account through Facebook, Google or Apple services.

4. Enter your full name and pass the identification for which you need a mobile number (you already have it thanks to sms-man.com) and e-mail.

5. An SMS with a digital code will be sent to the number – enter it, agree with all the rules of the site and come up with a password.

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That’s all. Play even if the old Blizzard account is blocked!

Also, on SMS-Man’s website you can rent a virtual number for a specific period of time, which will allow you to repeatedly receive SMS for registration and create accounts on various websites.

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