H&M cards (gift and loyalty cards): how to get, activate and use
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H&M cards (gift and loyalty cards): how to get, activate and use

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The H&M chain of stores offers a large selection of stylish clothes with a constantly updated assortment. Purchases can also be made through mobile applications. Special attention should be paid to the H&M gift card and the H&M discount card. They will be useful for those who want to buy clothes of this brand.

How to buy a virtual number on the sms-man.com service to get a H&M card, you will learn further.

H&M Gift cards: nominal value, replenishment and balance verification

So, do you need to make a gift? It is not necessary to buy it yourself. An excellent option would be an H&M Home gift card. It operates throughout the entire network on the territory of Russia. It is necessary to dwell in more detail on the issues of obtaining and further use.

If you are considering an H&M gift card, you will not be able to buy it online. It is only available in clothing stores. This is an analog of a certificate for a certain amount. The balance of the H&M card can be from 15 to 300$. The required amount is paid directly during the registration process.

Подарочная карта HM: как получить

Buy an H&M gift card: Terms of use

The network provides some rules that apply to any goods of this type. Before you get an H&M card, you need to consider the following features:

  1. Firstly the certificate is valid for 3 years, after which it becomes invalid. The funds will be debited from the account.
  2. Secondly if H&M gift cards are used for payment, the nominal value is taken into account during the purchase of clothing or other goods on the network. When not all the funds have been spent, the remaining money can be used in the future.
  3. Thirdly the funds cannot be paid in cash. They can only be spent on a product on the network.

In case of a return of clothing or other products, the money will be transferred to the card again. The transfer takes place within a few days.

How to check the H&M card balance

Do you have an H&M gift card on hand? How to find out the balance is a common question. There are several ways, which we will tell you more about.

  1. Directly in the stores of the network. The balance of the H&M gift card will be told at the checkout if you give it to an employee to scan.
  2. The balance of the H&M gift card is indicated in the receipt after the purchase of any product. To do this, a separate line is printed. It also indicates the remaining time during which this amount will not be debited.

You will not be able to find out the balance of the H&M gift card online. Such a moment must be taken into account in the process of purchasing a certificate.

Проверить баланс подарочной карты HM

How to pay with an H&M card

The process is as simple as possible. When clothing or any other product is purchased in the store, an H&M gift card is presented at the checkout. You can check the balance here. The required amount is debited from the account. If it is not enough, you can pay in any other way.

H&M Discount card

The network has a well-developed loyalty program. The more purchases are made in the stores of this brand, the higher the discounts and more bonuses. When an H&M loyalty card is required, you need to register on the official website. This opens access to various promotions and special offers that are not available to ordinary users.

So, do you often make purchases on the H&M network? The loyalty card is registered in just a few minutes and provides significant savings when ordering goods. You can get additional points for inviting friends.

The H&M bonus card provides early access to sales. You can find out the information you are interested in on the corresponding page of the site or by subscribing to news from the brand.

Дисконтная карта HM: получение

Activate the H&M card using the “Sms-man ” virtual number service and get a card

Generally, during the registration process, the user is required to enter a phone number. Here the service of virtual numbers “Sms-man” comes to the rescue. On the main page, you can search using the filters of interest. It will cost 85 cents to buy a number for H&M. H&M cards

Well, the site has separate numbers for the H&M card, but there is a separate section with virtual numbers for all other services that are not present on the main page. To purchase a virtual number for H&M, enter “Any other ” in the search bar, as shown in the photo

So, it is also profitable to register several times because a new user receives a 10% discount on a special promotion when placing an order on the H&M website.

Why use a VPN when registering?

So, when you register it is desirable to use the extension VPN, it will allow you to substitute the IP address and bypass unnecessary blocking.Your personal information will remain safe and will not be used to send spam and advertising.When using the VPN will need to enter the country and IP address, which will match the country number for registration. H&M cards


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