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How to add and remove a watermark on Microsoft Word?

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The watermark in the Word enjoys constant success, as more and more people want to unify documents even at the creation stage. Microsoft Word is a word processor used for creating, editing and formatting various documents: texts, business papers, letters, tables, diagrams.

Over 1.2 billion users regularly use watermarks in Word, tables, create and edit texts. It is in the Word that many bloggers write texts for social networks, arrange paragraphs and spaces beautifully.

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How do I make a watermark on Microsoft Word?

Even if you know all the subtleties of using previous versions of Word, in the version of Word 2013, all processes have undergone significant changes and now work according to different algorithms. How do I insert a watermark in Word? The process has not undergone significant changes, but the rules have changed at the start. To decorate a document with a watermark, instead of the “Page Layout”command, you now need to open the “Design” tab.

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In the gallery you can find a whole list of standard watermarks with different texts, you can choose according to your mood. Optionally, you can insert a watermark in Word with a unique text. To do this, go to the “Substrate”(Watermark) section and select the “Custom Substrate” (Custom Watermark) command at the bottom. After that, a popup hint will appear on the screen, offering to select a watermark in the format of text or picture. You can adjust the font, sizes, shades and placement of the image on the page at your discretion.

Раздел “Подложка”(Watermark)

If you intend to add a watermark in the Word as an image, just use the “Picture watermark” command, and then the “Select Picture” option. After that, you can use a clipart from the Microsoft platform, find a picture via Bing or take a photo from the gadget. After the image is selected, click Apply.

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How to remove a watermark on Microsoft Word?

When formatting texts, tables, and in general any documents in the Word, it is the water substrates that are the most difficult to remove. A transparent icon or image appears in the background of the document, immediately behind the text and is clearly visible. Many users are wondering how to remove a watermark in a Word. With a few simple steps, you will get rid of this unique badge of distinction:

1. Open the document in Microsoft Word.
2. Open the “Design” tab.
3. Find the “Page Background” section and specify the “Watermark”.

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4. Click “Remove Watermark”.

With these simple movements, you can remove a watermark or text not only in Microsoft Word 2013, but also in Office 365.

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How can I remove a watermark from a Word document manually? You need to move the mouse cursor inside the document title section, then move the cursor to the watermark (you will see a four-sided arrow). Click on the watermark and delete it by selecting a command on the keyboard (Delete or Backspace). The method is proven and trouble-free.

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