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Basics and features of the Truecaller app


Obtrusive advertising, spam and telephone scams have become so common that many users prefer not to pick up the phone if an unfamiliar number calls. But if you install Truecaller and find out what this program is, this problem will be solved. I tell you what is Truecaller app is.

Truecaller: what is this program and do callers need it?

Truecaller: что это за программа и нужна ли она абонентам?








The application is an improved phone book. It is global and contains data about contacts from all over the world. Thanks to this, the user’s smartphone automatically determines which subscriber is calling, focusing on the number signatures in the phone books of other subscribers.

Installing and setting up Truecaller is very simple:

  • The user only needs to go to Play Market, download and install the application;
  • All contacts from the subscriber’s phone book will be added to the Truecaller global storage automatically;
  • All numbers in the database are compared. Finding a match raises the rating of matched numbers.

Once you understand how Truecaller works, you can start using it. Here it’s simple: if a contact’s card is blue, it means he is safe. Cards marked red usually belong to scammers, and you shouldn’t pick up the phone.

Установка и настройка Truecaller









Having figured out what this program Truecaller is and how to register in it, many users prefer not to show their real number in the application. In this case, we recommend you to use SMS-Man service. You can use it to buy a virtual phone number for registration in the application and create additional accounts in the program in order to use all the possibilities and functions of the application. Let’s consider the most popular of them.

Truecaller call recording

Users who don’t know what Truecaller is and if you need it at all, you might want to check out this useful feature called call recording. It can work in automatic and manual mode.

Truecaller запись звонков












In the first case, the conversations are recorded automatically. They are stored in Google Cloud Storage, although users can disable this feature and store them in their smartphone’s memory. If you’ve already installed Truecaller, you’ll understand how to record calls almost immediately: before or during a call, just click on the recording icon on the right side of the screen.

Truecaller: how to use to set your status

Truecaller: как пользоваться для установки статуса










Another useful feature of the app is setting caller status. If the subscriber is available for phone calls, there will be a green dot next to his profile, and a red dot next to his profile if he is already talking.

When the caller hangs up, the app will automatically send him a notification with a request to call him back.

Once you understand what the Truecaller app is all about, it’s worth taking a look at its additional features. For example, you can add more information to your profile, block unwanted contacts right in the application menu, or search your phone number. Truecaller syncs with other apps (like WhatsApp) to make video calls.

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