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Haraj: sign up without phone number


Haraj is the most popular bulletin board where you can sell or buy a car, real estate, gadgets and any other goods. The Haraj platform can be compared with local services such as Avito, Kufar and OLX.

As on all bulletin boards, registration in Haraj is carried out by a mobile phone number. If you regularly place an ad on the website, it is best to use several accounts. This will allow the ad to be regularly in the top, which significantly increases the chances of selling.

Using the website sms-man.ru there is a great opportunity to purchase a virtual number for receiving SMS from Haraj for only 39 rubles. There are mobile operators from Finland, Canada, the USA, France and many other countries.

Buy a virtual number for sms activation on haraj.com.sa it is possible in rubles, dollars and cryptocurrency through a variety of payment systems. This makes it possible to conveniently use the “Sms-man” service from any country in the world. Registration by a virtual phone number on the Haraj website is no different from creating an account using a SIM card. The only difference is that the message does not come to the smartphone, but to the website sms-man.ru.

Buy a virtual phone number for Haraj

To pass the SMS activation by a virtual number, follow all the points from our instructions sequentially:

  1. Opening the platform sms-man.ru and create an account by filling in all the necessary fields.

2. In the “Payment” tab, we top up the account with one of the suggested options.

3. On the main page, choose suitable country.

4. Write the name of the service “Haraj” in the search bar.

5. Select a virtual number for yourself and click on the ” Get ” button.

6. Enter the purchased number when registering on haraj.com.sa.

7. Go in again sms-man.com and in header, click on “Get SMS”.

8. Enter the code below bought number on the Haraj website.

That’s it, we now have an additional account, which will help us increase sales. With the help of virtual numbers, you can create as many such profiles as you want.

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