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Happn: how to use popular dating app?

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Dating on the street requires speed and courage. Sometimes, I saw a girl you liked, just think about talking – and now your metro station is already there, and you can’t be late for work in any way. Or you sit in a coffee shop, drink Americano and watch a beautiful woman pass by outside the window. Well, do not run out shouting ” Wait!”, dropping furniture and knocking down passers-by. It is for such cases, when I did not have time to get acquainted, that the Happn service is intended.

The principle of operation of Happn — first a meeting, then an acquaintance.

Happn is a dating service based on geolocation. But the principle of its operation is significantly different from other dating applications. If geolocation services such as Tinder or Badoo offer acquaintance with people who are nearby, then Happn – with girls or guys you have already met.

How it works:

  1. You register in the Happn service by installing the appropriate application, and “forget” about it;
  2. Then you go about your daily business. Go to work, to a cafe or have fun;
  3. At this time, Happn records your movements and addresses where you have been;
  4. In the evening, the service provides a summary of the Happn users with whom you managed to meet during the day.

If among these users there is a girl who likes her or a guy who is interested in her – great! It’s time to get acquainted by writing something like ” Hello! We met today at the Savelovskaya station, and I really liked you.”




At the same time, Happn preserves the anonymity of users. No one will see your location – only the addresses where you met. You won’t be able to view the location of another user either, even with premium features.

Of course, Happn also has standard dating functions. You can view people nearby, study their profiles with photos and descriptions, put likes, send messages after the appearance of mutual sympathy (which is called Crush here), and so on.


Despite the good idea, the application itself can hardly be called the best dating service in Russia. And its main drawback is tracking. It’s a little awkward to transfer data about your location, visited addresses, and so on to some company not too well-known in Russia. And all this is combined with a phone number, a real photo and personal information.

Fortunately, you can not transfer your real phone number to the service. On our website, you can buy a virtual number for registration in Happn for just 15 rubles. Use it and keep your data anonymous.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

The second disadvantage is that the service itself is not too widespread in Russia yet. Especially if you do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but in some provincial city, where only a few people have heard about Tinder, and the main audience is “sitting” in “DrugVokrug”. However, the basic functions of Happn are completely free, so you can try it.

But if you want to view who gave you likes or independently put a large number of likes, you will need to pay. Happn works according to the standard subscription model. The first 3 days of premium access are free. And then a certain amount will be debited every month. However, this is the basic model for dating services, so you will not have to get used to it.

Is it worth trying Happn?

Happn does not oblige you to anything. You will not have to pay after registration, and you can create an account using a virtual phone number. So this is quite an interesting application, which, of course, you can and should try. Who knows, maybe your fate has already met you, but you have passed by? Get a second chance!

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