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How to enable and configure call recording with Truecaller



The function of recording phone conversations is not available on all Android devices. The fact is that in many countries it is prohibited, so the manufacturers can not include this option in the list of basic functions. But with the Truecaller app, recording calls will not present any difficulties. Here I tell you how to enable and configure call recording in Truecaller.

Recording calls on Android devices with Truecaller

Truecaller: запись разговоров на устройствах Android











The Truecaller app identifies the number, and recording the call is just an additional feature that you can connect with this app. It should be clarified right away that the program works on both Android and iOS devices. Although the call recording function is only available for owners of gadgets with the first type of operating system.

You should also take into account that the automatic call recording function is not available in all Android smartphone models. To make sure that Truecaller supports call recording, you will have to install the application on your smartphone and check that the function works correctly.

How to enable the Truecaller app on an Android OC

Приложение Truecaller и запись звонков на Андроид: как подключить функцию











First of all, Truecaller blocks spam and unwanted calls to the user’s phone.

But if the user is interested in how to enable call recording in Truecaller, step-by-step instruction will come in handy:

  1. First of all, download and download the application to the smartphone. Next, it is necessary to determine where Truecaller call recording is located in the application menu. To do this, simply click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. In the tab that opens, select the bottom line of the settings (Settings). Then select the section “Recording calls”.
  3. Keep in mind that this is a paid feature, although each user has a 14-day free trial period to test. After this period, you will have to buy a paid subscription or immediately Truecaller Premium mode to record calls without restrictions. By clicking on the “Start” button, the user launches the free trial.
  4. Next, a window appears in front of the user asking for permissions. It is mandatory to connect them in order for the application to record calls.

КАак включить запись звонков Truecaller на Android











Once the feature is connected, you need to figure out how to enable Truecaller call recording on Android. Here it’s simple: by moving the call recording switch, it’s enough to select manual or automatic recording.

It is worth clarifying that the function of recording calls is available not only for personal numbers of users. If the owner of the smartphone does not want to “publish” his personal number in the application, he can buy a virtual number in “SMS-Man” and connect the function to it.

Main features of Truecaller call recording function

Many users of the Truecaller application wonder where call records are saved. If there is a need to listen to the records, the user just needs to go to the main menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) and select the tab Call Recording. By clicking on the tab, the user will see a list of recordings and be able to listen to any of them.

Truecaller запись звонков: особенности











Once you understand how to configure Truecaller call recording, you can proceed to the full use of the application. But, after 14 days, the free subscription will expire, and the user will have to pay monthly for this feature.


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