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How do I order a Bolt taxi with an endless discount?


Bolt is an application that allows to order a cab in all countries of Europe. It is popular among millions of people. But there are not many those who know that there is a way to get an endless Bolt discount on rides. This is possible with such a tool as virtual numbers. Everyone can use this option to register unlimited profiles on this platform. There is no need to use your real cell number so it is not an issue at all. Read our article to learn how to take an advantage of this opportunity.


Benefits that those who do Bolt sign up get

From the time of Bolt is an international service that is available for use in 30 countries, it is an indispensable tool for millions of travelers. Users can use it to order a car with a driver for a trip on any route within a few clicks. After placing an order there is an option to track location of the driver in real-time. Paying for service is possible with both cash and bank card online right in the app.

Обзор приложения Bolt: регистрация без номера телефона


It is also important to mention that Bolt is also a useful platform for cab drivers. There is a wide choice of orders which are enough for all workers. Earnings for each trip go right away to the account in the app and are available for withdrawal at any time within various payment systems.

Summing up the above, here is the full list of benefits that get both passengers and cab drivers after signing up for the Bolt app:

  • Opportunity to order a taxi in all countries of Europe;
  • Fast cab delivery;
  • User-friendly design;
  • Many payment methods are available;
  • Stable earnings without limitations.

But still, there is one thing that stops people from using this service. It is cell number verification. This process is mandatory. For some users, there is a necessity to create multiple profiles after getting main account blocked or receiving a lot of negative reviews from passengers. Going and purchasing fresh SIM card for a few dollars is definitely not the best solution. It is way easier to do Bolt sign up using SMS receiving platforms.

VoIP service for Bolt registration without phone number

The best service for those who want to solve any issues regarding verification via SMS is provided by SMS-Man. Its main advantage is low and affordable cost of virtual cell phones. Moreover, it offers a wide choice of websites and apps that users can receive OTP from. For example, using its solutions passengers and drivers can not only sign up for Bolt but also for other taxi services such as Uber going the same way.

bolt cab

In addition, there are available VoIP mobile numbers from a lot of countries while recharging account is available with a few currencies and various payment choices. In case of facing any difficulties while using the service, you can always contact the customer support team and get help in a few minutes.

Getting and activating virtual number for an endless Bolt discount

This task is definitely way simpler than it sounds. Especially when doing it with SMS-Man. You can start obtaining virtual numbers for getting an endless Bolt discount just by following our detailed instruction below. Here are the steps:


1. Open and proceed with a basic registration process.

2. Replenish profile balance with available payment methods.

3. On the homepage of the service select country dialing code and Bolt number option.

4. Purchase a virtual cell number that will appear at the top of the page.

5. Enter your virtual number on Bolt sign up page.

6. Once the verification text message is sent, go back to SMS-Man and press «Get SMS».

7. Copy it and finish registration.

So the whole process took us just a few simple steps to complete. Now we can enjoy a Bolt discount on a few first rides. To receive this bonus once again simply repeat the steps from above and create a new account. So this is how to get an endless discount!

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