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How to create KuCoin account without a Phone Number?

How to create KuCoin account without a Phone Number?

KuCoin is an international digital currency exchange that lets customers trade, purchase, transfer and keep 700+ altcoins. Users can buy the exchange’s native coin (KCS) to make the transaction commissions lower and earn awards. With 20+ million customers across the world, it is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Among its additional benefits is that it offers reliable security measures and protocols to its users, like 2FA, encryption and withdrawal whitelists. One of the components of KuCoin exchange security is the registration procedure. It requires several uncomfortable details including a phone number.

This is a guide on the platform’s pros and how to register without a phone number verification.

Kucoin review What is Kucoin

KuCoin Review — Benefits of Сrypto Exchanges

It provides diverse benefits including different types of trading, data security, p2p lending, etc. This exchange is decentralized, meaning no intrusion from any governmental regulator.

KuCoin Review — Benefits of Сrypto Exchanges

There are several KuCoin benefits, including:

  • Depending on your “level” you may get a lower commission of 0.005%-0.1%;
  • Those who trade their official currency may expect fee discounts and rewards;
  • If not interested in using KuCoin cryptocurrency, consider 700+ of them, including BTC, ETH, APE;
  • Lend coins to others and benefit from them;
  • Visa KuCard enables you to buy real-life goods with virtual tokens;
  • Four types of trading are available for KuCoin account owners: crypto staking, derivatives/futures trading, margin trading, and NFT marketplaces.

Combined with an intuitive interface, comfortable mobile application, 24/7 user support, and rewards-earning capability, these features have let it house over one trillion USD in transactions. Low fees set it apart from its competitors, who charge 0.5% and more.

If interested, consider downloading the service’s official mobile software or visiting the website, and creating an account. But first, we want to tell you what you’ll need to register and how to complete it.

KuCoin Account Registration

KuCoin account registration is practically no different from registration on other popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX and others.

The process includes four steps:

  1. Open KuCoin website: https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup and go to the registration page;
  2. After that you will see the registration form, where you will need to provide information such as phone number or e-mail;
  3. Then create a strong password to log in to your account. We recommend using a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters;
  4. After completing the registration form, please read and accept KuCoin’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy;
  5. After that the system will send you a special confirmation code to the phone number or e-mail you specified during registration;
  6. Copy it and complete your registration.

kucoin registration

The system will suggest identity verification, so you will be able to increase the withdrawal limit of your KuCoin account. It includes entering your country, name, and pieces of your ID documentation. They say it helps them stay a transparent and reliable platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

Entering private data for account creation or KuCoin verification is often considered a confidentiality violation, given that data can be mishandled or stolen. Their biggest hack was in 2020 when $150M was drained. No user info hacks took place, but such episodes make people worried about privacy.

The perfect solution is linking the third-party information to your account. It’s easy with the email address, but it seems hard to get a third-party SIM card. The existing methods appeal to eSIMs, or virtual numbers. Of the two options, virtual numbers are ideal for KuCoin verification: no additional hardware or software is needed, they do not require personal identification, and they are easy and cheap to create. In the next section, we will look in detail at how to get one.

How to create KuCoin Account without a Phone Number?

SMS-man platform provides an opportunity to get virtual phone numbers for SMS reception and verification. There are more than 180 countries to choose from, allowing you to get phone numbers from countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, India, Turkey and others. For example, you can use these virtual numbers to register with KuCouin, Binance, Huobi and other exchanges.

virtual phone number for kucoin

Here’s what you need to do to get a virtual phone number:

  1. Register an account at sms-man.com or sign in with a Google+ account.
  2. After logging into your account, you need to make a deposit. You can do this on the “Top up my balance” page in the menu on the left.
  3. Now to buy a virtual number, you need to select the country of the mobile operator – for example, the USA and the KuCoin service.
  4. After that, click on the “Buy SMS” button next to the service icon to finalize the purchase.
  5. You will be able to find the purchased phone number in the “History” section. Copy it from there and use it to register a KuCoin account.
  6. When the exchange sends you a confirmation code, go back to SMS-man and request it by clicking the ” Receive SMS” button.
  7. After that use the received code to complete the registration.

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