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Huobi: cryptocurrency can be easy and useful

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Cryptocurrency became one of the biggest market in the world, as we can see by value and capitalization of Bitcoin and Ethereum. But for real user is very hard to understand how to use crypto in real life. The second, but the most hard question is how to earn money on crypto. Miners should invest thousands dollars on hardware, traders haven’t slept for weeks at market fails. Let’s consider how we can make 2$ from 1$, but not 2000$ of 1000$. Huobi will help us!

Huobi Pro: you could see it somewhere

Huobi website has nice design and lots of pages that you must check before start trading. All topic “Learn” is free to read and you can study here all thing that traders search for years. I can compare it to Binance, but with other colors and more useful articles (in near future I will rewrite you some nice stuff).

Let’s get known how to sign up here anonymous and safely with “SMS-Man“!

Sign up with fake phone number

Find button “Sign up” and you will see that page:

Choose page Phone:

Then let’s go to SMS-Man, pass simple registration procedure or log in if you have account:

Top up your balance with any suitable payment method (you can even use crypto and AliPay):

Then go on main page and look for number you want to use for sign up in Huobi. Choose suitable country (I have chosen Russia) and find Huobi:

After you click “Buy”, number will be shown in header:

Copy that and insert in sign up field

Click sign up and go further:

Now you can return to SMS-Man and start clicking “Get SMS”. If SMS won’t come, we can change number. And we will pay only if SMS come.

Copy that code and put in field for code. If all is correct, you will see that:

That’s how we can get door into cryptoworld opened. In our blog you can find lot’s of articles about apps where you can be anonymous.


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