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How to Create GroupMe Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create GroupMe Account without a Phone Number?

With today’s blog post, we’ll fill the gap on how to anonymously register in the GroupMe app. Or just being able not to expose such vulnerable personal information highly desired by spammers and web intruders as your private phone number.

Rather than once again sharing your real-life phone number with another online platform, you may think about getting a temporary cloud phone number instead. Let’s say you can buy a disposable number to verify a single account in a certain service. Or alternatively you can rent a long-term option to sign up for various web platforms and applications. With the SMS-man’s Telegram bot, you can even try publicly available toll-free numbers. They are effective for the first check on how the service works and if you can trust this method of bypassing registration.

The blog post closing has step-by-step guidelines on how to set up a GroupMe account using a virtual phone number. So, if you are ready, give it a try right now. Or if you want to explore the best features of the app first, continue reading.

GroupMe: Main Features and Benefits

What is GroupMe? It’s an absolutely free, no-ads instant messenger developed for private and group chats as the name suggests. It started as a separate product released by the eponymous company in 2010. But due to its growing potential, Skype acquired the application pretty soon. Finally, it became a part of Microsoft as one of the Skype family.

The classic version of the app is a desktop client for Windows. Besides, you can also log into a GroupMe account using web versions for both Windows or macOS. Or you can download mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android.

GroupMe has direct messaging, but it focuses more on providing diverse groups with a handy means of communication. Among others, it facilitates school teenagers, student clubs, and work teams. And it can even serve to connect with individuals in your vicinity whom you may have never met in person. The latter one seems to be essentially helpful when you’re arranging an event. The useful thing about the GroupMe app is that when creating a group, you can add people to it even without them downloading the software. Because, in addition to use of web data, the messenger can also send and receive messages via regular SMS. Thus, when inviting someone to join a group using a link sent via email, SMS, or Facebook, they will receive group messages via SMS. To respond, they can use the same way.

Also, the in-app service “Campus Connect” enables students to join various student organizations related to their college or university. Once you’ve verified your school email address, you’ll be able to explore all available groups in your school. Which is more, you can create your own groups for classes and any shared activities.

GroupMe: Main Features and Benefits

Registering a GroupMe account: other worth mentioning features

  • The group limit in the app is 5000 members, compared to 1024 participants in WhatsApp’s group chat.
  • Newly added members can view the message history unless those that had been deleted or hidden before. This feature operates the same way as it does in WhatsApp.
  • In group chats, you can select recipients to send a message whether it is the entire group or only some members.
  • A phone number for GroupMe is only needed for registration. Once you’ve bypassed verification, the only info other GroupMe users can see about you is your username and profile picture. 
  • Messaging features include: getting ‘’message has been sent” notifications, sharing GPS location tags, setting a status, and staying invisible on the app.
  • Furthermore, with the GroupMe app, you can send videos, capture photos right within the system, add captions and titles to them and send them as messages. 
  • Unlike WhatsApp, GroupMe doesn’t have calling and voice options.

How is it Safe to Use the GroupMe App?

What is GroupMe in the matter of safety and privacy of user data?

First, remember that if you don’t set privacy settings when creating a group in the app, anyone with the link will be able to read internal conversations. And even see any sensitive information that could appear within the group.

Moreover, unlike in WhatsApp, group chats in GroupMe are not end-to-end encrypted. It means that theoretically any company’s employee can check servers to see whatever you write in your messages. Thus, this messenger is far from being called private.

And finally, since the GroupMe app asks for a phone number to verify an account, it is not possible to register anonymously. But you can still increase the level of protection by thinking over alternatives rather than giving out the platform your real life phone number.

virtual phone number from sms man

Purchasing a virtual phone number made specifically for receiving SMS is a great choice for this purpose. No other features, just a small but necessary service. Moreover, with the SMS-man provider, you can first test toll-free virtual numbers that you can find on this page. Just keep in mind that these numbers are visible to anyone. And after that, you can purchase your own unique virtual phone number for one-time or multiple registrations at an affordable price from $0.05. 

And now let’s get to instructions.

How to use GroupMe App without a Phone Number?

  1. Sign up for with an email address or enter via your social media account.
  2. After you log into your account, wait until the “Receive SMS” tab loads on the screen.
  3. First you need to select a country of mobile operator, and then find GroupMe in the list of over 1500 supported services. 
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button next to the GroupMe icon and scroll down the homepage.
  5. Copy the issued number from “History” and insert it on the GroupMe’s sign-up page.
  6. Then return to the history of purchased numbers and click the “Receive SMS” button next to the applied number.
  7. Enter the code you received to verify your GroupMe account.

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