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How to Create an Etsy Account without a Phone Number

How to Create an Etsy Account without a Phone Number

Etsy is an American marketplace created in 2005 and available across the world. It focuses on hand-made and vintage products with a massive range of goods. Individual users are free to create listings, and it’s even a good place to sell as a business. There are countless sorting filters on this platform.

Clothing and accessories are the main types of products on Etsy, but home décor, furniture, toys, and art are plentiful, too. Electronics and brand products are off-limits, making it a great website for small businesses. Etsy delivers almost worldwide. The platform is overall very beneficial, with numerous registration options.


Benefits and Features of Etsy

So, what is Etsy really? Etsy is a relatively small marketplace, compared to eBay or Amazon. Their limited scope of goods makes them a poor choice if shopping for electronics or tech is what you need. However, their existing range of products has a huge amount of nuances – with countless categories, product groups, and countless filters in a given product type.

The main benefits of the Etsy experience include:

  • Low processing fees.
  • Large audience for sales.
  • Best place for vintage and handmade listings.
  • Established base of vendors.
  • Abundant sorting settings.

So, what is Etsy feature-wise? It offers a comfortable user experience for buyers and sellers alike, allowing both to create accounts with ease and speed. Before creating a listing, a seller must undergo an uncomplicated KYC protocol. Then, users can create listings easily.

Shopping is likewise simple, with countless product categories, smaller groups, and, finally, filters for price, color, and product-specific details. The exact scope of wares can change depending on the user’s location. Some delivery options might be unavailable for the same reason.

etsy shop

Creating an Etsy Account

What is Etsy like during registration? The process isn’t lengthy or hard, only the email, name and password are necessary to complete the procedure, but additional details can be demanded later. The KYC mechanism (necessary for sellers) and security measures might require a phone number, current location, bank credentials, etc.

Additional registration options include Facebook, Apple, or Google+ accounts for quick authorization. Whatever the choice, the process is quick and simple. The only problem is the extra info you must share later during the account setup. Fortunately, most pieces of data can be faked, as is the phone number.

A phone number is a private piece of data, sensitive to theft and misuse by big companies. While setting up Etsy accounts, users can provide a fake, spare number purchased online. These are called virtual numbers – they are a cheap new technology meant to uphold anonymity and privacy online.

How to create Etsy account without a Phone Number?

Virtual numbers are a solution to avoid providing your personal phone info to a big company, always a wise move. They are cloud technology, unconnected to any visible SIM card, and completely digital. People use virtual numbers mostly to receive SMS messages, making them cheap and ideal for anonymous Etsy registration.

The SMS-man platform allows its customers to get virtual phone numbers that can receive SMS messages. It is an ideal solution if you need to register without showing your private number. The website offers virtual numbers from 180 countries, which you can use to register with more than 1,000 different services.

virtual phone number for etsy

To purchase a virtual phone number, follow the instructions:

  1. Register for SMS-man or log in using your Google+ account;
  2. Find the “Top up my balance” section on the screen, use it to deposit money;
  3. Go back to the homepage, select your country and “Etsy” service, then click “Buy”;
  4. Find the number in your profile under “History” and copy it;
  5. Use the number when you sign up for Etsy;
  6. Wait for the verification code and get it from the SMS-man website by clicking “get SMS” next to your phone number;
  7. Use the code you receive to complete your Etsy account registration.

Renting a virtual phone number for Etsy for up to 4 months is a strategy ideal for creating multiple accounts at once, but it’s more expensive compared to one-time virtual messages, which cost <$1 each.

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