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How to watch Netflix anonymously using a Virtual Phone Number?

How to watch Netflix anonymously using a Virtual Phone Number?

Many people are wondering how they can watch Netflix anonymously. And each of them has his own reason for it. Some fiercely want to stay anonymous on the web and not give online platforms the opportunity to track their sensitive data. Others are looking for a way to watch Netflix content that is country specific. To achieve that, one must get not only a robust VPN. But also to obtain a phone number from a suitable country to create a fresh account and overcome the Netflix phone number verification.

And third, are afraid of telemarketing companies’ attacks after submitting their phone number. Though, to be fair, Netflix doesn’t appear to sell user data. Have you faced any of these situations? Let’s look at how you can solve them.


What is Netflix — Briefly

What is Netflix? It’s a popular streaming platform distributing various TV-series, movies, and stand up shows as well as creating its own video content. “Ozark”, “Stranger Things”, “Black Mirror”, the release of recent years “The Witcher” series — all these shows are Netflix-produced.

This streaming service is available both on mobile devices and PCs. The monthly subscription costs approximately $10, but it offers a free monthly trial.

How to Prevent Netflix from Tracking your Watching History and User Data?

What is Netflix in the matter of collecting user data? According to various sources, it doesn’t gather a lot of credential info. But, the platform tracks users’ watching history to select personal recommendations. Is it uncomfortable for you when Netflix gathering your watched show titles to make recommendations? If so, we completely got it. Because we don’t like the feeling of this restriction within the limited space too.

Particularly, it feels bad if you share a profile with other users because any of them can see the profile’s recommendations. Using the incognito mode is not an option if you want to watch Netflix anonymously. Because even in this case the platform still gathers every title that you viewed. But even though the algorithm’s recommendation may be useful, they are pretty limiting as well. So that to escape them, there are options to consider.

How to Prevent Netflix from Tracking your Watching History and User Data?

1. Hiding watched titles in the settings

You can change the algorithm by hiding titles of watched content by entering settings in the web version. For that, click “View” in the “Profile & Parental Controls” section. After that, click “Hide icon” or “Hide all” if you prefer to erase your entire viewing activity.

Netflix will hide them within the next 24 hours and will no longer use them to make recommendations. And this helps you to be in control of what the platform recommends you. As well as, at some aspect, remain anonymous on straming app.

2. Using Netflix secret codes

What is Netflix on the subject of getting access to any categories outside your algorithm? Though not everyone knows about this feature, there are secret codes. To access a certain category, sure you can use the Search feature, because it displays results based on other users’ requests. Besides, you can add a specific digit code to the app URL Thus, to transfer to “Historic Documentaries”, add 5349 code to

Or to check all the available Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy movies, use the digit code 47147. But note these secret codes are getting old over time and links may not work anymore. So first you need to search for current codes on the web.

How to anonymously watch Netflix content that is not available in your country?

1. Using a VPN

The first tool you need to get if you want to watch Netflix anonymously is a VPN. At this point, note the following. Since Netflix uses sophisticated VPN protection, not every VPN is able to bypass it. The reason why the platform blocks VPNs are the video content copyright holders’ requests. If you access content through a VPN, the content creators do not get any royalties from Netflix for your viewership. Even though you paid for the subscription.

So, for a successful workaround of the Netflix VPN Ban in 2023, use top-notch VPN services with robust networks. They are Surfshark, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost and other premium providers.


2. Registering an anonymous Netflix account with a virtual phone number

If you want to watch a series or a movie on this streaming platform that is not available in your country, using a VPN is not enough. You will also have to register a new Netflix account. And since you cannot verify Netflix without phone number, you will have to obtain a phone number from the respective country to proceed with the verification process.

And at this point, the SMS-activation service that issues temporary virtual numbers may help you a lot. For example, using our service, right from your home, you can get an American, British virtual phone number at a very affordable price. Here is why this seems to be a great alternative to buying a second SIM card.

virtual phone number from sms man

How to bypass Netflix phone number verification with an SMS-man:

  1. After you log into the account, wait until the interface for purchasing a number for one-time registration loads on the screen.
  1. Select the required mobile operator and the service where you will be verified — in our case, Netflix.
  1. Click “Buy SMS” next to the service icon and scroll to the History section. There you will find the issued number and a “Receive SMS” button next to it.
  1. Use the number to pass Netflix phone number verification, return to the sms-men tab and request SMS by clicking the button to the right of the number.
  1. Apply the code.

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