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How to Get 50% Off in the DiDi App Multiple Times?

How to Get 50% Off in the DiDi App Multiple Times?

DiDi is a Chinese car-oriented app that offers car-sharing, taxi-hailing, and ride-sharing features. It’s similar in function to Uber, creating job opportunities for drivers and providing comfortable rides for customers. There are several differences regarding availability, cost-efficiency, etc. But, like Uber, it’s convenient and profitable for clients and drivers.

Besides being a cheap solution with low fees, DiDi helps save money with its numerous promotional offers and discounts. It’s more affordable compared to Uber, but it’s not available in many Western countries. It’s a Chinese app accessible in parts of Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and Russia. In these countries, though, using DiDi is an ideal choice. And you can save even more money by enjoying the 50% vouchers for the first 5 trips.

DiDi App

DiDi App — Benefits and Features

What is DiDi feature-wise? The app is similar to Uber, Taxify, and similar services in many ways. It allows users to simplify transportation from point A to point B through a variety of means, including car-sharing, ride-sharing, and regular cab-hailing. Its key advantage is low fees, both for drivers and clients.

This creates an environment where all participants benefit from reduced commissions while enjoying the usual upsides. It’s a helpful app with pleasant visuals, meaning you won’t find it inferior to its Western analogs, at least design-wise. Its one big downside is the lack of global availability.

However, considering that no big cab app is universally available, it’s not a big downside. DiDi already offers cheap, widely acclaimed services in parts of Asia, Latin America, Russia, etc. While visiting these regions, using DiDi is a wise choice due to its popularity and money-saving capabilities.

DiDi App — Benefits and Features

DIDI Discount Program for New Users

There’s a lucrative DiDi discount for new users. Activating a special promo code makes the next five rides 50% cheaper.

didi discount

To activate this bonus, follow these instructions:

  1. Register on DiDi using a phone number;
  2. Redeem the code “TRYDIDI” or “HEYDIDI”;
  3. Receive your free vouchers;
  4. Activate vouchers during rides for 50% off.

The offer is available for each new DiDi account, and the bonus has no expiration date, creating tons of money-saving opportunities. The good news is, you can essentially get unlimited vouchers by constantly registering new accounts with multiple phone numbers without any drawbacks.

DiDi Rider App — Registration

To claim the DiDi bonus for new clients, one needs to create an account. Doing it requires a phone number, an email, and your full name. The latter two can be faked indefinitely, but getting a fake phone number for DiDi is harder. You will need a unique phone number to register each account.

The reason DiDi remands a phone number is simple identity verification. By requesting data that’s hard to replicate, big companies expect to decrease the number of fake, duplicate, and shallow accounts. That’s supposed to increase the overall trustworthiness of this app, while also preventing the exploitation of its bonus offers.

The measures are mildly effective, making the process of creating fake accounts a slight nuisance more than a complete impossibility. It’s easy to just buy another phone number online, the virtual number is particularly handy for such operations. They are cheap, easy to get, and disposable.

To really enjoy this app’s bonus offers, you might want to buy several virtual numbers and create several separate accounts. This way, you’ll get 5 vouchers for each of them, essentially gaining that 50% DiDi discount forever. You just have to use the vouchers up, log into the new account and repeat.

It’s not illegal, not will DiDi notice anything. That’s a good way to continue saving money on transportation, and there are really no downsides. It’s true, you won’t accumulate reputation and long-term bonuses, but the vouchers are more profitable anyway. This way lets you save lots of money.

How to Create Multiple DiDi Accounts?

Virtual phone numbers allow people to sign up anonymously on social networks, messengers and apps where you have to confirm your phone number by SMS. It is part of cloud technology and is not associated with any particular device, user, or location. Virtual numbers can only be purchased online and can be used to receive messages.

SMS-man offers virtual phone numbers from 180 different countries. If you need to create multiple DIDI accounts, using virtual numbers is the best solution. Because it’s cheap, convenient and takes minimal of your time.

virtual phone number for didi
Here’s a step by step guide on how to use our virtual number for registration:

  1. Open our official website at, and create or log in to your account;
  2. Go to “Top up my balance” page, then choose one of the available payment systems and make a payment;
  3. Go back to the home page, then select your country and DIDI service;
  4. Click the purchase button and find your virtual number in the “History” section;
  5. Enter it when verifying your DIDI account and wait for the confirmation code;
  6. Go back to SMS-man to read it by pressing the ”Receive SMS” button;
  7. Enter the confirmation code, then complete your registration.

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