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Can I Create a PayTM Account without a Phone Number?

Can I Create a PayTM Account without a Phone Number?

What is PayTM? PayTM is a cutting-edge Indian payment solution created in 2010. It’s the go-to software for receiving and sending money in numerous Asian countries, Europe, etc. It’s a versatile tool, helpful for vendors, individual users, and organizations, offering a convenient, modern way to exchange funds.

It can be used to automate the reception of funds at an online business or send money from one account to the other. For money transactions, users only need an active PayTM account with some identity verification to avoid financial fraud. It’s excellent and readily accessible. To create a PayTM account you need a phone number.

 PayTM Account

PayTM Benefits and Upsides

PayTM is known as a widely accessible system with a short, subtle KYC mechanism. It means they demand personal information to let users receive or send messages. Using the UPI system (a staple of the PayTM experience) requires no KYC mechanism at all, meaning you don’t have to submit anything at the end of the day.

Paytm app

What is PayTM feature-wise? PayTM has several notable financial features, not just mere money transactions. They include:

  • Merchant payments – a function that allows vendors to receive funds in an automated way.
  • Money transactions – simple fund transfers, including small, instant varieties.
  • Bill payments – PayTM allows users to pay their bills online.
  • Financial investments – users can invest in Forex or stocks using the app functionality.
  • Additional purchases – movie tickets, travel tickets, etc.

It’s a versatile instrument with various options available for different customers. This diversity, as well as the comfortable, streamlined service, was what attracted the millions of users PayTM enjoys now. It’s still a minor provider, compared to PayPal or Payoneer, with limited service compatibility. The benefits of PayTM are still huge.

The bottom line is: it offers great functionality with limited privacy invasion, but with limitations. It’s potentially a good way to launder money, meaning that it’s not compatible with some of the stricter solutions, like PayPal. Hence, users can’t send money directly from one to the other.

Creating a PayTM Account

To create a PayTM account, you need to submit these pieces of info:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Password
  • Full name

Besides these basic details, the new users should add further private information, including the usual KYC info, like the address confirmation, etc. Many important features are limited without the KYC confirmation, but some core functions work, and the verification system isn’t so tough, anyway.

You can use some features, like instant UPI transfers, with just the basic account. The only remaining privacy concern is the phone number, the other information can be faked. Phone numbers were typically harder to fake, but it’s becoming more mainstream, allowing people to start on PayTM without a phone number.

The problem is that the phone number isn’t integral to the PayTM user experience. It serves only security purposes, and it’s not doing a good job protecting your data. In short, you don’t need a phone number to use the system effectively. So, if you can avoid sharing it, it’s better to do so.

Can I create PayTM account without a Phone Number?

Virtual numbers are an excellent choice for users wishing to avoid sharing sensitive data during PayTM registration. Such numbers are cloud technology, available online without any visible connection to the SIM cards. They are easy to obtain and affordable – much cheaper than regular SIM cards.

The SMS-man platform gives you the opportunity to get a phone number from one of 180 different countries, which you can use to register with PayTM, PayPal, Papara and others.

virtual phone number for PayTM

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to do this:

  1. Join using your email or social media account;
  2. Make deposit by going to “Top up my balance” page, located in the menu on the left side;
  3. Choose the country of your phone number and “PayTM” service, then click on “Buy” button next to it;
  4. Wait until the system adds it to the “History” section at the end of the main page;
  5. Copy it, use it to register your account.
  6. At the verification stage, go back to SMS-man and click on “get SMS” to see the code;
  7. Complete the account creation process by entering it in the special area.

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