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How to create Papara account without Turkish number

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Papara is a popular online payment system. Its main audience is represented by Turks. Those who own an account on this service have the opportunity to not only send and receive payments through the system but also obtain a special bank card with multiple benefits. Many people cannot complete registration on this service though as it allows for registration phone numbers only with a Turkish dialing code. Learn how to sign up for Papara having no mobile number issued in Turkey.

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What is Papara?

Papara, as we stated previously, is an online payment system from Turkey. This means that it at least operates in the Turkish language, although there are also multiple other language choices. This also means that all transactions and other activities on this system are controlled by the local government. Money in your account is protected by Turkish Bank.

There are many features available to users. The main and at the same time most popular from them is transferring and controlling money. In fact, the Papara account combines a digital wallet and an internet bank. Users can keep track of expenses, interest, and the status of their credit cards in their personal profiles.

How to sign up for Papara without a phone number from Turkey?

Verifying a mobile number with a Turkish dialing code is mandatory when signing up for Papara. There is no way to bypass this requirement. But there is still a solution for those who don’t have such a number. It is called a fake phone number for Papara. You can use it to create an account on this payment system from anywhere in the world. Such a number brings to the table several benefits:

  • There is no requirement to utilize a real SIM card. You only need an internet connection in order to utilize a fake phone number. This greatly simplifies life. There is no need for any extra software or device to find out data about your mobile number, confirm being the owner, etc.
  • Extra cheap pricing. One new SIM card costs at least $1. You will have to spend even more to connect it to the tariff plan and make working. On the other hand, the fake number for the Papara app costs about $0.25.
  • Breaking borders. Finding international phone numbers in cellular carrier stores might be challenging. There are no similar issues with fake phone numbers. You can get one in any country within minutes.

Of course, those are just the most significant benefits. There are way more in reality. But it is not as important as the opportunity to sign up for Papara. Below is an explanation of how to do this.

Using a fake number for registration

The whole process consists of a few simple steps. It means that every user can sign up for Papara in this way within minutes while located literally anywhere. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do:

1. Visit the website and register an account.

2. Check prices on the main page and replenish your balance with the required amount of money.

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3. Open the main page once again and choose Turkey on the tab with countries. This choice stands for where the fake phone number will come from.

4. Explore the section with online services and find Papara.

5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

6. Find a fake number at the top of the homepage and copy it.

7. Enter this number during registration of the Papara account and then finish registration with obtained activation code.

This is it. You’ve just opened an account on Papara without actually having a Turkish phone number. This can be done in Germany, India, China, or any other country in the world. Everyone can perform this task.

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