How to create a second Facebook account: a quick and affordable method
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Create a second Facebook account now for $0.05 only!

Everybody knows that Facebook is the biggest and most popular social network on the Web. So, if you want to meet new friends or find old ones or advertise certain products and services on the Internet, you should definitely register on this source.

In fact, if you decide to get a profile there, it will not take you much effort to cope with all the registration procedures: you will need just to fill in a short form and pass SMS verification. But, if you want to register a second Facebook account for your business or just for socializing, you will probably have certain difficulties as you will need to verify it with the help of another mobile number.

How to make a second Facebook account without buying a second SIM card? Is it possible? Yes. Our source offers a perfect solution for such situations.

How to set up a second Facebook account without buying a new SIM card?

The answer is simple ― use a temporary virtual number. It works identically to an ordinary mobile number: you can safely enter it in registration forms on varied websites and receive SMS messages with verification codes without any problems.

And most importantly such a number costs much cheaper than a SIM card. So, Sms-man offers to buy a virtual number for registration on Facebook for $0.05! Obviously, you will not manage to purchase a new SIM card for such a low price.

If you have never used such services before, you may have certain doubts. But we guarantee that it is easy, fast, and safe. You will receive a legitimate profile, which you may use for any business or personal purposes. The administration of the social network will not have any claims against you.

One should note that, besides adding another Facebook account, our source will allow you to sign up for other online platforms, for example, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and lots of others.

Certainly, the best variant is to use such temporary numbers every time you want to register on any website. As you know, when you share your personal data on the Internet, there is always a risk that it may be stolen by some scammers. Buy our virtual numbers and protect your private information from any risks!

The step-by-step instructions on how to create second Facebook account with our service

  1. Go to and register a new profile.

2. Make a deposit in any convenient currency dollars, rubles, or cryptocurrency. Prices of virtual numbers for Facebook start from $0.05.

3, Now, you can proceed with buying a number. Go to the main page. If you do not see the service you need in the list, press “Show all services” and use the search bar.

4. To make a purchase, click on “Buy”.

5. To see the number, go to “Profile” ― “Request History”.

6. Copy the number and specify it as your mobile number on Facebook.

7. The social platform will send an activation code to it. So, return to the page “Request History” at and click on “Get SMS”. The code will appear within a couple of seconds.

8. The latest step is to paste it into Facebook.

As you can see, adding another Facebook account takes a few minutes only. Certainly, you do not have to limit yourself to two profiles only. Thanks to our source, you can sign up for as many accounts as you need for a rock-bottom price.
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