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How to have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

two WhatsApp accounts

Nowadays it is pretty popular to have multiple accounts on various social networks. The most popular of them, however, doesn’t provide an official way to do that. Even though Telegram, its main competitor has added such an option to all versions, WhatsApp still allows people to log in to no more than one profile at once. So, if it is necessary to have two active accounts, users have to through a bunch of special steps. Learn what they are about and how anyone can run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

Running two WhatsApp accounts at once

Nearly every mobile company adds to its new mobile phones a particular feature that allows performing this task. But even if there is no such option, there are always third-party apps available. You can download and install them on a smartphone that works on any operating system. Here are the names of options to choose from setting depending on the mobile brand:

  • Samsung — Dual Messenger;
  • Xiaomi — Dual Apps;
  • Realme — App Cloner;
  • OnePlus – Parallel Apps;
  • Vivo — App Clone;
  • Oppo — App Cloner.

You just have to select the appropriate option, turn on the toggle against WhatsApp and switch back to the home screen of your mobile phone. As a result, there will appear the second icon of the app. It can be used to sign in with another profile and run 2 WhatsApp account in one phone.

If there is no such inbuilt feature on your mobile phone, then simply download and open Parallel Space app that is available for iOS OC as well and works in exactly the same way as other similar services. You can also take advantage of WhatsApp Business. This app can be used with basic WhatsApp. But unlike cloning apps, this option allows running not more than two profiles at once.

When everything is set up, some people start wondering how they can register another account as there is a need to complete mobile number verification once again. We will provide the solution below.

Obtain a temporary phone number

A temporary number is the most important thing for using multiple accounts on no matter social network. Each of them wants users to verify their phone numbers when signing up. WhatsApp does that as well. Registering two or more profiles with the same number is not possible on this platform. This problem is easily solved by operating a temporary phone number. Everyone can use such a tool to receive a one-time password for creating WhatsApp second account without the need to buy a new SIM card from a cellular carrier. It is enough to go through a few steps to take advantage of it:

1. Register an account at

2. Open the replenishment tab and use the convenient option to provide payment for the desired amount of credits.

3. Move on to the start page. There it is necessary to select the country of the temporary number provider and find WhatsApp.

4. Click on the buy button that is placed next to the name of the online service.

5. Receive the purchased temporary mobile number.

At this point, it will be fair to say that more than half of the work is done. Using a temporary number is much easier and faster than getting it which is not complicated either.

Use temporary numbers for multiple WhatsApp accounts registration

Having a temporary phone number means there is not much left to do. You can use it for the registration of 2 WhatsApp account right away. Enter it on the sign up form of service and request a verification code. The next step after this is to open SMS-Man once again and press “Get SMS”. You will see a set containing a few digits. Use it for identity verification on WhatsApp. You just activated a temporary number and created the second profile with its help.

Temporary phone numbers have no quantitative limitations on usage. So, basically, they make it possible to sign up for not just multiple WhatsApp accounts but an infinite number of profiles. It is up to the user how many temporary numbers to get and activate. This means that even if for some reason one account gets blocked, there is always the opportunity to create another one just by using a fresh temporary phone number.


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