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How to use virtual phone number for Google Pay registration

Google Pay registration

Google Pay is a quite new payment system that exists in form of a mobile app. Started in 2013 as a digital payments service, today it is regularly used by almost every person who has an Android device whether it is a mobile phone or tablet. Signing up for this online service is easy as there is nothing unusual about this process. But still, some users search for ways to take advantage of the appropriate virtual phone number. For instance, to sign up for an account anonymously or create an additional profile. Below we will explain the most significant advantages of the virtual number for Google Pay registration as well as how to operate it.

Sign up for multiple accounts easily

The main purpose of a virtual phone number is to go around OTP. It allows getting a verification text message from any online service which makes this tool a good solution when it is not possible to do that using a personal number. There is no difference in what the reason is though. You can use a virtual number under any circumstances. However, when it comes to Google Pay registration, most often such a service is used in order to create multiple accounts.

Each phone number is available for verification only once. So, if for some reason it is necessary to register two or more profiles, users are required to have additional numbers. Sometimes it is possible to use for this task the phone numbers of friends or relatives. But what if there is no such opportunity? Purchasing multiple SIM cards to create several Google Pay accounts is definitely not the way to go as it is quite expensive and not always possible to do since some cellular carriers don’t provide more than one SIM card to one person. In this case, using virtual numbers is obviously the best decision. They are easy to get, cheap, and allow signing up for an unlimited number of profiles.

Google Pay logo

Obtaining a virtual phone number for Google Pay

Thanks to the development of technology, nowadays getting a virtual number is not a problem for anyone. There are no special requirements at all. This feature is available for everyone regardless of any point. SMS-Man offers a simple and convenient way to receive a virtual phone number for Google Pay registration. Just follow this guide:

1. Make an account at service.

2. Use a convenient payment option to replenish its balance with credits.

3. Open the start page of the platform, select the virtual number to create Google Pay account issued in the required country, and make the purchase.

You are halfway there. The next step is to use the received virtual phone number for the appropriate purpose and there is not much to do. Receiving a verification code with it takes no longer than a couple of minutes.

Google Pay registration with the help of a virtual number

Activating a virtual phone number is a task that everyone can complete. It is so because there is no difference between it and the regular number that we use on our smartphones. With that said, using such a tool goes in the same way. You just put it on the registration form and then, right after the Google Pay verification code is requested, tap on the “Get SMS” button at SMS-Man. There will appear a few digits. Copy and use them to create a profile.

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